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West Pomeranian. Dirty rooms, no bedding, unclean bathrooms in the colonies

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The West Pomeranian Sanitary Inspectorate informed about the results of inspections on nearly 150 camp camps taking place at the turn of June and July. Irregularities were detected in ten cases, and in one case the organizers did not even report the stay to the school board. Eight tickets were issued for a total of PLN 2.1 thousand.

As reported by the West Pomeranian Sanepid, the control of 145 stays lasted from June 25 to July 8. In ten cases, irregularities were found. One stay has not even been reported to the electronic recreation database of the education board.

– As part of the inspection activities, the rooms were found to be in an improper hygienic condition. These include the lack of bedding on quilts and pillows, no sheets, stained sheets on one bed, torn duvet covers, sandy floors in residential houses – Małgorzata Kapłan, a spokeswoman for the Provincial Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Szczecin, informed on Monday.

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Food dispensing suspended

Later, during a background check, she added, “it was found that clean sheets were provided and that the rooms were swept. The person responsible for the above-mentioned irregularities was fined.”

It was also found that the meal service point was operating without the consent of the State Sanitary Inspection – the meals were suspended.

– During the re-inspection, it turned out that the entrepreneur still did not submit the application, therefore a decision was issued with the pain of immediate enforceability. Acting against the aforementioned decision is punishable by a penalty of up to 30 times the average salary. The proceedings are pending – said the Priest.

Mostly unqualified

During the inspection, sanitary workers issued eight tickets for the total amount of PLN 2.1 thousand. zloty. The irregularities included dirty rooms, overcrowded waste bins, lack of bedding on duvets and pillows, unclean bathrooms and toilets, as well as dirty, dusty, sand-contaminated mattresses on the beds and expired foodstuffs, dirty floor, tables and chairs in the dining room .

However, as the spokeswoman said, summing up the results of the inspection, “the conditions in which children and adolescents were in most cases did not raise any objections in terms of the sanitary, hygienic and technical condition”.

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