“We’ve got something new in the weather”


In the coming days, we will have a change in the weather, thanks to the diving lows. – Something new is coming for us, i.e. snowfall, a slightly different air mass and a happier sky, because it has been gray and gloomy for several days – Tomasz Wasilewski, presenter of tvnmeteo.pl, said on Thursday in “You get up and know” on TVN24.

In Poland, there is only a few centimeters of snow in the lowlands. It’s not like the end of January. – It is worth noting that in the mountains located in the Balkans and in Italy, there are dozens of centimeters or more than a meter of this snow. It is similar in Spain, in the Pyrenees and in the higher areas – said Tomasz Wasilewski, tvnmeteo.pl presenter. He added that the most white powder is in Scandinavia and in the east of the continent, where there is a uniform snow cover.

– This snow, which is in Italy and the Balkans, is associated with a very active low, which has been present in southern Europe for many days. This low is aging, i.e. it is gradually disappearing, but it still brings snowfall to these regions of the continent, mainly in the mountains, and snowfall with rain – explained Wasilewski. He added that Italy and the Balkans have been experiencing a weather breakdown with heavy snowfall for several days.

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Diving lows will bring showers of snow

Poland is still under the influence of the high pressure, which has separated – one part of it is over the Atlantic, and the other over Russia. Wasilewski added that forecasters are increasingly talking about the so-called diving lows that will change the aura.

– What does it mean that it will dive to Central Europe and Poland? Diving is going deep under water, sinking, the same will be with lows. These diving lows are those located in the north of Scandinavia – said the tvnmeteo.pl presenter.

The bar situation over Europetvnmeteo.pl

He explained that the north-western air circulation in the west of Europe causes these lows to be swept south, towards Central Europe.

– If such a low dives, and it will happen during the weekend and next week, it will bring a change in the weather, ie a fleeting snowfall – explained Wasilewski. – It’s diving, which is the sudden movement of the low from north to south, that will change the weather. The presence of low-lying fronts means snowfall, variable cloud cover and clear spells, he stressed.

Next week, the high will be in the west of Europe, and the lows from Scandinavia will dive from the north to Poland and Central Europe and will bring frequent changes in the weather – snowfall, clearing. “It’s going to be a mild winter,” Wasilewski said.

Tomasz Wasilewski about the upcoming change in the weatherTVN24

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