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What about guidelines on termination of pregnancy? “PiS is more afraid of the clergy than of another woman paying with her life for a high-risk pregnancy”

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After the whole of Poland was shocked by the death of Mrs. Dorota in the hospital in Nowy Targ, Health Minister Adam Niedzielski announced the development of guidelines for doctors regarding termination of pregnancy. So that such tragedies do not occur. More than 4 months have passed and there is no minister or guidelines.

When Mrs. Dorota died in the hospital in Nowy Targ, the Ministry of Health promised guidelines on termination of pregnancy. So that no more women die in maternity wards. But there are no guidelines. Because – as “Rzeczpospolita” writes – the government was afraid of the Church, the Confederation and Kaja Godek. Also that the topic of abortion will harm PiS in the campaign.

– It is terrifying that Law and Justice is more afraid of the clergy, more afraid of Kaja Godek, than of another woman paying with her life with a high-risk pregnancy – comments Anna Maria Żukowska from the New Left. – This is an inconvenient topic for the ruling party, it has nothing to boast about here. Over the last 8 years, the safety of women in Poland has deteriorated significantly – adds Natalia Broniarczyk, Abortyczny Dream Team.

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“Our lives are at stake”

The guidelines panel was scheduled to meet at the end of August. But the meeting was canceled because Grzegorz Braun from Konfederacja and Kaja Godek broke into the Ministry of Health. They entered offices, scolded officials and lectured policemen. Braun and Godek wanted to take part in the team’s meetings, and in letters they accused both the team and the Ministry of Health. Petitions and pickets were organized against the team’s chairman, Professor Czajkowski.

– Our lives are at stake. We will not allow our health and safety to be traded in the privacy of political offices – emphasizes Aleksandra Gajewska from PO.

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Work calendar

Braun and Godek prevented the team from working at the end of August (29/08). A few days later, the bishops issued a position on abortion (September 4). A week later (September 12), Minister Katarzyna Sójka changed the date of presenting the guidelines on abortion from September 12 to November 15, i.e. a month after the elections.

– This reaction means that the government needs to be changed, because an even worse government may come. They would like to make the abortion law even more stringent – emphasizes Paulina Hennig-Kloska, Polska 2050.

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