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What about the list of companies that imported grain from Ukraine? Commented by Michał Kołodziejczak and Artur Balazs in “Fakty po Faktach” TVN24

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This will be a list that will also be a list of shame for some political parties – said Deputy Minister of Agriculture Michał Kołodziejczak in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24, referring to the list of companies that imported Ukrainian grain. In turn, former Minister of Agriculture and founder of SKL, Artur Balazs, noted that “only determination and will decide that this list will see the light of day.”

– I think it must be awkward for some politicians and that’s why it didn’t become a public list. I hope that will happen. Moreover, Deputy Minister Kołodziejczak declared that he would do everything to make this list public – said Balazs.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture on the list of companies that imported Ukrainian grain

– Yes, there is determination, there is will, I have a list. I need just a moment. This is only for technical reasons. I don’t have it yet because I’m still analyzing it all, said Kołodziejczak.

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He added that he “already has a way to show who bought this grain to Poland.”

– Minister Balazs is right in this case. This will be a list that will also be a list of shame for some political parties. We will have to face the truth, because it will also be a list of shame for some companies – emphasized the Deputy Minister of Agriculture.

He indicated that he would also “talk about this with, for example, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection” (Office of Competition and Consumer Protection – ed.) and was waiting “for such talks in the next few days, so that before the show and before various questions that will also be asked publicly, be well prepared.”

– For various reasons, purely technical as I say, it was prolonged, but don’t worry. This will not escape us. I think we have more important issues today that need to be resolved, said Kołodziejczak.

Deputy Minister Kołodziejczak said a few days ago that the list of companies that imported grain from… Ukraine, is complete and ready, and the government will look for legal grounds to be able to make it public. – The list of all companies is now complete. This week we will rely on such legal opinions so that it can be made public. So that every Pole could see who was making money when Polish farmers had a big problem – he said.

As he explained, the list was prepared on the basis of information “from various services”, while the list published by the previous government is “imprecise” and, according to him, “untrue”.

Farmers’ strikes in Poland and Europe

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development added that “the campaign mainly focuses on what is happening in Poland, and it is a very serious matter when it comes to farmers’ protests.”

– Today, no one can imagine the serious consequences of opening the European border to goods from Ukraine. The consequences of this will be visible for many years and it will take many years to straighten out what happened, said Artur Balazs.

According to the former Minister of Agriculture, “this is extreme irresponsibility, lack of basic knowledge, opening these borders without quotas, which could have been a certain brake and restriction.”

– We are a border country and at the moment this applies primarily to Poland, because it is easiest to push production there, but this will soon apply to the entire (European) Union. If the EU does not wake up, these protests are not accidental. These farmers did not go out for a walk, they defend their farms, their families, their interests. If the EU does not wake up, European Commissionbecause I do not believe in Commissioner Wojciechowski here, his knowledge and competences will not solve this problem, the consequences for Europe will be very heavy and it will arouse enormous reluctance among such a large group as farmers in Europe – said Balazs.

“This is extreme irresponsibility”TVN24

Farmers’ strike on February 20 – map

Farmers have been protesting in Poland since February 9. They oppose the introduction of the Green Deal and the inflow of goods from Ukraine.

Tuesday, February 20, is to be the next day of larger protests across Poland.

Below map of protests planned for Tuesday, February 20: :

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In turn, the main farmers’ march in Warsaw was postponed to February 27.

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