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What about the PiS lists? “Everything indicates that Jarosław Kaczyński simply chickened out before Tusk”

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Just over 7 weeks left until the election. Politicians are in the field. The opposition already has candidates. PiS still hasn’t announced them. Instead, he announced a referendum that he can promote without financial limits. The Third Way protests against this.

Riding bikes with voters, collecting signatures and presenting new candidates. The election campaign is in full swing, but in this form only on the opposition side – because there are no candidates on the side of Law and Justice and there will be soon. “Gazeta Wyborcza” reports that PiS is discussing whether Jarosław Kaczyński may start from the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship instead of Warsaw.

– At the turn of August and September we will close the preparation of electoral lists and then all personal details and who is running from where will be known. I will be a candidate in Silesia, in Katowice. I want to start from there – announces Mateusz Morawiecki. Law and Justice – like all committees – has until September 6 to submit candidates. – Everything indicates that Jarosław Kaczyński simply chickened out before Tusk. Anyway, not for the first time, because first he chickened out about the debate, and now, as it turns out, he is close to chickening out about running for office in Warsaw – says Cezary Tomczyk from PO.

Questions about PiS lists to the Sejm and SenateTVN24

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Referendum questions

Law and Justice is still – apart from the election campaign – running a referendum campaign. On Thursday, the Prime Minister and PiS MPs used reports of a rape of a Pole in Munich to scare migrants and convince them to take part in the referendum. – The Law and Justice government wants to see as few crimes as possible. Unfortunately, they are very often related to illegal immigration, and that is why it is so important for us to express our opinion in a referendum on this matter – explains Morawiecki.

So far, PiS MPs have spoken on this matter. – Polish women are safe. First of all, because Law and Justice rule – emphasized Agnieszka Górska, PiS MP.

The Third Way protests against combining the election campaign with the referendum campaign. Poland 2050 submitted an application to the PKW on Thursday. – The chairman of the National Electoral Commission was asked by us to issue an interpretation which would indicate that candidates in parliamentary elections should not take part in the referendum campaign – says Szymon Hołownia.

Kaczyński: the referendum concerns the security aspect

Kaczyński: the referendum concerns the security aspectTVN24

Revealing cards

Third Way on Thursday in Bialystok collected signatures. Left candidates from Warsaw presented their candidates. As it was previously announced – the list in the capital will be opened by Adrian Zandberg, and the second will be Anna Maria Żukowska. Agata Diduszko-Zyglewska, a councilor and former journalist, was in the next places, and the writer Jacek Dehnel will start from the last place. – They are candidates and candidates who will not get stuck in the elevator when you have to raise your hand for women’s rights – says Anna Maria Żukowska, MP of the New Left.

– The outcome of these elections will depend on the results of the two committees. On the one side of the Left, on the other side of the Confederation, promises Adrian Zandberg from Razem. The Confederation also presented its list of candidates from the Białystok district. – I will fight for the country of our dreams. A state of simple and low taxes. Where the government does not tell us how to live, how to raise our children – announced Karol Kiciński from the Confederation. – As a woman, wife and mother, the safety of our families and our homeland is very important to me – added Barbara Majewska from the Confederation.

“Safe Poland” – that is, the slogan of Law and Justice – was spoken by the head of AgroUnion in Warmia and Mazury – at a joint conference with the Civic Platform about the problems of grain producers. – How is a farmer supposed to feel safe standing here when there is no one to sell his grain to? Are these people really supposed to feel safe? Can you tell them to feel free? asks Michał Kołodziejczak. On Thursday, the Civic Coalition collected signatures in Malbork. There have been changes on the Bialystok KO list – it is known that the candidate is no longer Jana Shostak – a Polish-Belarusian activist. The activist lost her place on the list after announcing that she supports the right to abortion throughout pregnancy. She was supposed to be the candidate of the Greens. now the Left has offered her a place on her list.

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