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What about vodka at gas stations? Health Minister responds

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We are finalizing work on the draft ban on the sale of alcohol at gas stations between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. – informed the Minister of Health, Izabela Leszczyna, on TVN24.

Minister of Health Isabela Leszczyna was a guest on “Rozmowo Piaseckiego” on TVN24. She was asked about the next steps in the matter of the ban on the sale of alcohol at gas stations.

– I would like us all to be civilized, also when it comes to drinking alcohol. That's why I say: gas stations are not for selling alcohol, only gasoline. But I'm not saying that there won't be alcohol there right away – she noted.

She said that she “wants to introduce a project to limit alcohol at petrol stations during the night hours from 10pm to 6am”. – We are already finishing work on it at the Ministry of Health – she informed.

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Asked whether she would announce “further steps” regarding alcohol at gas stations, she replied no.

Leszczyna: the minister should increase excise duty on alcohol and cigarettes

Leszczyna emphasized that “every health minister would like citizens of his country to drink less alcohol and not smoke cigarettes”. – I believe that it is my duty to take small steps at the beginning, to educate more, to promote a healthy lifestyle. We are starting to do that – she said.

In her opinion, the finance minister should increase excise duty on alcohol and cigarettes. “I talked to him about it,” she added. She explained that there are two ways to reduce alcohol and cigarette consumption: economic availability – that's what we're reducing, local availability, the possibility of buying – that's what I'm for,” she pointed out.

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