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What awaits us in 2024? The most important titles have prepared their forecasts

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There are many forecasts of what will happen in 2024. They are prepared by the most important media in the world. Here is an overview of a dozen of them.

Every year at the end of the year, the most serious and less serious titles from around the world play predicting the future. 2024 is supposed to be the year of Margot Robbie, wars, important elections, football euro and the development of artificial intelligence. The best series of 2024 will be “Succession”, and the Oscar for the best film will go to the creators of “Oppenheimer, or maybe “Barbie” – this is predicted by experts invited by CNN to a game called “Die Hard”.

The answers to the next questions are more difficult. However, according to the participants, the Nobel Peace Prize may go to Volodymyr Zelensky, Alexei Navalny or Qatari negotiators who will end the war in the Middle East.

In turn, the number one question for the United States is whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump will win the November elections? In this case, opinions are strongly divided.

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The British “The Economist” writes that “2024 will be a stressful year for people who care about the fate of liberal democracy. In theory, it should be the year of its triumph. In practice, it will be different.” In 2024, there will be 70 popular votes around the world. A record number of inhabitants of our planet will vote in the elections.

– Even more than 4 billion people live in the countries where elections will be held in 2024, which is more than half of the population. Is this a great success for democracy? You can and do argue with experts, says Monika Tomasik from TVN24 BiS. – It would be difficult to find a common denominator in all these elections and on this basis say whether democracy is doing well or worse, because these elections range from completely autocratic, as in Russia, to completely democratic, as in most European Union countries. – points out Marcin Celiński, a publicist from the Reset Obywatelski portal.

The real estate market is red hot. What awaits us in 2024?Stefania Kulik/Fakty po Południu TVN24

Key choices

The electoral calendar opens with Taiwan, threatened by Chinese invasion, while Poles will vote twice – in the local and European elections. The British Conservatives will almost certainly have to hand over power. However, the most important vote will take place in the United States in the fall – the American economy will be crucial. It must be in good condition – at least this is according to data from the jewelry industry, which, based on the number of rings sold, predicts an increase in the number of marriages.

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– We have a lot of new jobs, so many new households will be created. It always starts with increased demand for jewelry, explains Joe Brusuelas, chief economist at RSM.

Reality has accelerated so much in recent years that predicting it is really just fortune-telling. The editors of “The Economist” write that “from the situation in the Middle East, to the introduction of electric cars and anti-obesity drugs. The reality is much different from the one or two years ago.” Economists have it the worst. Journalists from “The Economist” point out that last year’s predictions for the end of the year have completely failed.

Facts about the World TVN24 BiS

Main photo source: Reuters/CNN/Warner Bros./TVN24

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