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What awaits us in international politics? “More than half of the world’s population goes to vote”

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Everything will depend on who wins the ticket to the Oval Office in November this year, including aid for Ukraine – said Marcin Wrona, correspondent of “Fakty TVN” in “Fakty po Faktach”, referring to the US presidential elections that will be held this year. year. TVN and TVN24 journalists talked about what awaits us in international politics. Maciej Sokołowski, a correspondent in Brussels, noted that “up to 4 billion citizens are going to vote this year.”

“Fakty” TVN correspondents Marcin Wrona and Maciej Woroch, “Fakty” TVN reporter Andrzej Zaucha and TVN24 correspondent in Brussels Maciej Sokołowski discussed the events that await us in the world in 2024 and their impact on war in Ukraine and Israel with Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Next year they will take place, among others elections presidential elections in the USA and elections to the European Parliament.

TVN’s “Fakty” correspondent in the USA, Marcin Wrona, said that “if a Biden-Trump fight were to take place today, Donald Trump would win with an advantage of 2.5 percentage points.” He added that this is the result of the latest survey research.

– And one more thing that should freeze the blood of democrats. 67 percent of Americans say the country is heading in the wrong direction, yet he has been in charge of the country for three years Joe Bidena Democrat, their candidate in the upcoming elections – noted Wrona.

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Marcin Wrona about the US presidential elections that will take place this yearTVN24

As he said, “this is like the worst prognosis for Joe Biden and this is something that is becoming the fuel of Donald Trump’s election campaign.” – Americans, in short, are very dissatisfied with where their country is under President Joe Biden’s government – he added.

Wrona emphasized that “everything will depend on whoever wins a ticket to the Oval Office in November this year, including aid for Ukraine.”

Sokołowski: this is an election year

Maciej Sokołowski, referring to Trump’s possible victory, recalled that this is the experience of cooperation or lack of cooperation with Europe Donald Trump is already behind us. – This is the experience of both the head of the European Council and the head of the European Commission – he added.

– I remember the breath of relief after the last American elections, when it turned out that Donald Trump was leaving, we could cooperate with the United States again – he said. He added, however, that “there has always been a reservation: it is not that we are saying goodbye to Trump, not even to Trumpism, because the point is that other candidates are stepping into his shoes, adopting his slogans, his methods.” .

– For this European Union she must be ready. She is ready, taking into account her experiences, because even then she wanted to prepare to be more independent, independent of help from the United States. But then came the war in Ukraine, and once again the support from the United States, from Joe Biden, turned out to be crucial – noted the TVN24 correspondent in Brussels.

– We hear voices that we need to prepare in Europe to support Ukraine, regardless of whether America will continue to do so or not – he added.

Sokołowski noted that the elections in 2024 “will actually be everywhere.” – Up to 4 billion citizens are going to vote this year. More than half of the world’s population. This is an election year and although we will talk about the remaining elections, also to the European Parliament, these American elections are decisive here, perhaps also for the shape not only of the relations between the European Union and the United States, but also for what will happen in Ukraine, for what will happen in Europe in the coming years, he said.

Zaucha: Putin hopes that Trump will stop supporting Ukraine when he wins the election

Andrzej Zaucha was asked about what Trump’s presence in the White House would mean for the course of the war in Ukraine.

– There is still almost a year until the elections in the United States, so we do not yet know what exactly will happen in Ukraine, how the war that (Vladimir) Putin is waging against Ukraine will proceed, but undoubtedly all experts say that Putin is very Donald Trump’s return to the White House is waiting for this, he said.

As he added, Putin “talked to Trump last time, when he was in office, it was great and he was able to wrap him around his finger, he was able to convince him to do things that later caused wild scandals in the United States.” – Putin hopes that things will be similar now and that he will be able to play the United States in a similar way. He very much hopes that Donald Trump, when he comes to the White House, will stop supporting Ukraine, Zaucha continued.

Zaucha: Putin is very much waiting for Trump to come back to the White House

Zaucha: Putin is very much waiting for Trump to come back to the White HouseTVN24

He noted that “Trump says he will end the war in 24 hours.” Zaucha expressed hope that there would be no such idea as “Vladimir Putin suggests, to stop financing Ukraine, to stop supplying weapons to Ukraine,” because, he added, “then the war will actually end very quickly, because Ukraine will simply not be able to defend”.

– Vladimir Putin is waiting for Donald Trump because he hopes that it will be much easier for him with an America ruled by Trump – he summed up.

“Israel’s war with Hamas could reshuffle these decks of cards”

Maciej Woroch, correspondent of “Fakty” TVN in Great Britain, who is currently reporting from Jerusalem, talked about Israel’s ongoing war with Hamas.

As he said, “everyone here is stuck in the Middle East impasse because there is no one good solution.”

– All the previous ones seem to have failed to create an effective solution, safe for Jews and Arabs, for the creation of the State of Palestine and the State of Israel, so that they can coexist – he added.

– On the other hand, everyone I talked to in Tel Aviv, from government circles, and even some Palestinians, but quietly and never in front of the camera, here in Jerusalem or in Ramallah, admit that Hamas was a hindrance in the peace process, he said. Voroch.

– The truth is that there are always disappointed hopes, the truth is that the war between Israel and Hamas may reshuffle these decks of cards and effectively eliminate the problems, but the question is what the result will be. Will the problems in the Middle East end for good, or will Hezbollah revive again in the north, and this depends primarily on the results of the elections in Iran, he noted.

Main photo source: TVN24

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