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Friday, December 3, 2021

What can be braided? A question from “Millionaires” for 20,000 zlotys

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What can be braided: lakes, seas, rivers or mountains? Mr. Maksymilian Marcinowski from Poznań answered this question from “Millionaires” for 20,000 zlotys.

Mr. Maksymilian started the game in the previous episode where he answered five questions using two lifebuoys. The first question he heard in the Wednesday episode was worth PLN 20,000.

In order to find the correct answer, the player had to demonstrate knowledge of geography.

What can be braided?

AND: Lakes
B: the sea
C: the river
D: mountains

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Braid rivers are those in which the water flows in several shallow channels that alternately merge and separate. As a result, shoals and islands form between them. An example of such a river is the Narew. The correct answer to this question is C..

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