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What connects TVN24 BiS reporter Tom Hanks and Stephen Hawking? Something “fantastic”

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What do Hubert Kijek, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and Stephen Hawking have in common? All of them had the opportunity to feel what weightlessness is. The TVN24 BiS reporter had the pleasure of being on board the ZERO-G aircraft, where he made the so-called parabolic flight. This is the only opportunity to feel like in space without leaving the Earth.

– It is something extraordinary, fantastic, to be able to soar, soar. Really, every cell of the body starts screaming. This is a fantastic moment – said Hubert Kijek on TVN24 in the program “You get up and you know”. “When you go up there and look around, people are going up, bottles are flying, water drops, it’s really hard to put into words,” he added.


Scientific research was carried out nearby

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TVN24 BiS reporter said that the entire flight lasted 2.5 hours. – 31 parabolas, because this plane flies such parabolas, and at the top of each parabolic we experience weightlessness for 22 seconds. […] I could fly through 11 parabolas in the free fall zone – he said.

These types of flights can be dangerous. As the reporter explained, at the right moment it is necessary to reach the floor. – From the point of 0 g, we start at 2 g, so we are twice as heavy as on Earth – explained Kijek. 0 g represents the overload (a state in which the body is affected by forces other than gravity) to which a person is subjected in a state of weightlessness. At rest, it is 1 g.

All stages of the flight do not come unexpectedly, the pilot informs about each. The TVN24 BiS reporter said that he had to sit in the passenger seat and fasten his seat belts when the plane began to dive at an angle of 50 degrees.

– Interestingly, in addition to 10 research teams, they conducted experiments that could change the world and revolutionize our perception of it – he said. He added that mainly scientists working in astrophysics, astronautics and medicine worked there. – For example, they studied how the state of weightlessness affects our heart, spine, but also cancer cells, because it turns out – as has already been studied by Poles – that the state of weightlessness can inhibit their development to such an extent that we can overcome the disease if we manage to create special antigravity chambers on Earth – said Kijek.

Hubert Kijek, TVN24 BiS journalist, during the flight in the ZERO G planeTVN24

Hubert Kijek, TVN24 BiS journalist, during the flight in the ZERO G planeTVN24

No training, heart test and “truth serum”

The stick was on board the plane in connection with the 80th campaign of the European Space Agency. As a souvenir, he received an original badge – the kind that astronauts receive when they prepare for a flight in cosmos. It’s different with every mission.

The reporter had been trying to fly for a year. – Something happened when I was sending them a clip for the “Space Frontier” program, when we were sending a stratospheric balloon to an altitude of 40 kilometers. And I think they saw that they were dealing with a professional – he said.

He did not have to undergo special training for the flight. – It’s not as much G-forces as when astronauts go into space. There, the highest G-force is 2 g. Of course, this makes you dizzy at some point when you are there for the first time. You need a handbag, because this plane was called by the first astronauts “vomit comet”, which means “vomit flight”. But I had to undergo tests, the doctors had to check if my heart was fit […]. I heard I could, so I flew. But before the flight, I also got an injection of scopolamine – an extremely relaxing drug, but also an antiemetic. 70 years ago, the CIA was supposed to use it as a “truth serum” so I only spoke the truth on that flight.”

It’s not over yet

The reporter mentioned that he has further plans to experience what astronauts feel. – IN Pile we have a special habitat for training astronauts, where people are locked up for two weeks, for example, and a Martian mission is simulated. I have an idea to close up with those scientists there and prepare a report from there. It would be very interesting, he concluded.

Hubert Kijek’s report from the ZERO-G plane is available on TVN24 GO. The Action Grawitacja program will be broadcast on TVN24 BIS daily from 5 to 8 December at 4:25 pm.

You can watch the whole conversation with Hubert Kijek here:

A stick in weightlessnesstvnmeteo.pl

Main photo source: TVN24

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