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What countries support Russia. The war in Ukraine and the Kremlin’s relations with China, Belarus, South Africa, Iran, India, North Korea and Syria

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Russia, although condemned by most countries in the world for its aggression against Ukraine, still has a few allies. Although Belarus and China have recently been mentioned in this context, Moscow also maintains good relations with India, South Africa and several other countries. Among other things, the Kremlin’s allies refrain from publicly criticizing Russia, provide it with military equipment, cooperate economically and help circumvent Western sanctions.

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow on Mondaywhere he met Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Journalists from the French “Le Parisien” assessed that the visit itself was perceived as an expression of support for Moscow. This belief is reinforced by the length of the leaders’ talks, which lasted more than four hours.

During the meeting in the Kremlin, the leaders called each other “dear friends.” “I know that there will be another presidential election in your country next year,” Xi said at the beginning of the meeting. – Under the strong leadership of Mr. President, Russia has made significant progress (…) I am convinced that the Russian people will continue to strongly support Mr. President – he added.

China – how do they support Russia?

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China they became Russia’s greatest ally militarily, diplomatically and economically. They are one of the largest buyers of Russian oil, which helps to finance the invasion of Ukraineand conducted joint military exercises with that country, the New York Times reminded.

The newspaper also reported that since the beginning of the invasion, Beijing has provided the regime with drones and parts for more than $12 million.

Xi Jinping met with Vladimir Putin in MoscowReuters

Belarus makes territory available to Russian soldiers

Putin’s closest – both geographically and intimacy – ally Belarus. The country, as the New York Times points out, has become particularly dependent on the Kremlin after the Kremlin supported Alyaksandr Lukashenko against massive anti-government protests in 2020 after the presidential election in Belarus, which the international community and most Belarusians believed were rigged.

The Belarusian dictator allowed Russia to use his country as a launching pad for Russian attacks on Ukraine. In addition, in this country are conducted training of the Russians and organized supply points for the army.

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Minsk is also economically dependent on Moscow. Belarusian commentator Alaksandr Kłaskouski, who is in exile, said in a December interview with PAP that “about 70 percent of exports go to Russia“Also, the transit of potash and petroleum products must be redirected to Russia, because previous routes through ports in Lithuania have been closed by sanctions,” he added.

Putin and Lukashenko kremlin.ru

South Africa and its partnership with Moscow

South Africa has a long-standing friendly relationship with Russia, but the two countries have become closer in the last year. This year in turn South Africa hosted military exerciseswhich took place with the participation of Russia and China. Although South Africa denies supporting the war, it remains economically linked to Russia.

The country abstained from voting on a UN resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and calling on Moscow to withdraw its forces immediately. In October 2022, along with 34 other South African countries it also abstained from a UN vote condemning the annexation by Russia Ukrainian territories.

In addition, the state abstained in February this year, on the eve of the first anniversary of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, on the vote of the UN General Assembly resolution calling for the restoration of peace in Ukraine.

Seven countries voted against the resolution – Belarus, North KoreaEritrea, Mali, Nicaragua, the Russian Federation and Syria, and 32 abstentions.

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Iran is arming Russia

Russia and Iran have come closer to each other through, among other things integration of their banking systemsin an attempt to circumvent Western sanctions that prevented both countries from accessing foreign capital. The newspaper recalled that Tehran also provided military support to the Russians, including exploding drones that were used to attack Ukrainian infrastructure.

Russians attack Ukrainian cities using Iranian drones

Russians attack Ukrainian cities using Iranian dronesReuters Archive

At the end of January Iran has supplied Russia with about 100 million cartridges and about 300,000 missiles of various types, among others artillery, mortar and anti-tank weapons, Sky News reported in early March. Weapons that were transferred by sea are being used by the Kremlin during the war with Ukraine, British television reported.

Moreover, according to CNN, Western weapons captured by the Russians during the fighting in Ukraine is to be sent by Russia to Iran, where attempts are to be made to dismantle it, analyze its construction, and perhaps produce its own armament modeled on those taken over at the front. The American station, reporting this, cited sources familiar with the matter.

The military partnership of these countries does not end there. As confirmed in mid-March this year by the Iranian news agency IRNA, Iran has finalized a contract for the purchase of Russian Su-35 fighters.

India draws oil and cooperates in the banking sector

As the main buyer of crude oil, India helped Moscow partly compensate for losses in the sale of raw material to European countries, the “NYT” noted. India, while maintaining a friendly approach to both Ukraine and Russia, has so far not officially condemned the brutal invasion. They were even seen as a potential mediator.

Last week, a senior Indian official called on Europe to “find a solution” to the war, saying it was a distraction from the urgent problems facing poor regions.

In addition, as “Deutsche Welle” wrote, “experts argue that Russia continues to be an important supplier of arms to India.” The Polish Institute of International Affairs also wrote in its November 2022 analysis that “Russia is the largest source of arms for India, and both armies conduct regular military exercises.” However, PISM pointed out that “the Indian-Russian partnership is a relic of the Cold War and has been losing its importance for a long time.”

“Russian aggression against Ukraine accelerates this process for several reasons – it weakens Russia’s potential, worsens its relations with the West and leads to further rapprochement with China, towards which it is a weaker partner. This calls into question Russia’s credibility as India’s trusted strategic partner in a situation In addition, the losses of Russian equipment and ammunition in the war, as well as Western sanctions, will cause problems with servicing the existing weapons and with the supply of new weapons, which will encourage India to become closer to the US and Europe. markets, modern technologies and capital, makes the West a much more important partner. Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and its consequences have put India in a difficult diplomatic situation and have negative consequences for Indian economic growth” – argued Patryk Kugiel, an analyst at PISM.

North Korea openly supports aggression

United States have accused the government in Pyongyang of secretly sending millions of artillery shells and rockets to Russia, which North Korea denies. Last December, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby confirmed that the regime had finalized the first arms supplies for the private military company of the Wagner Groupwhich the owner paid for the equipment.

The North Korean state officially supported the Russian invasion, blaming the United States for the conflict. The close relations between Moscow and Pyongyang are also mentioned in the letters that the leaders of these countries exchanged in August last year. Vladimir Putin wrote to Kim Jong Unthat the two countries will “jointly expand comprehensive and constructive bilateral relations.” “Strategic and tactical cooperation, support and solidarity between our countries have reached a new level with joint efforts to thwart threats and provocations by hostile armed forces,” Kim wrote in a letter quoted by KCNA news agency.

Syria replicates the Kremlin’s propaganda, supports the invasion

Russia has a strong military presence in Syria, and by keeping its military forces there, it helps dictator Bashar al-Assad stay in power. However, after February 2022, some of the Russian soldiers stationed in Syria ended up in Ukraine.

Last week, al-Assad visited Moscow and reaffirmed his support for the Russian invasion. During a meeting with Putin, he repeated the Kremlin’s false narrative that Russian forces were fighting Ukrainian “Nazis.”

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Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is an ally of Vladimir Putin

Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is an ally of Vladimir PutinReuters

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