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What do we know about the catastrophe in Chrcynno

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On Monday evening, a small passenger plane crashed into a hangar at the airstrip in Chrcynno near Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. There were people in the hangar. They are killed and wounded. What do we know about the disaster?

1. Crash site, aircraft type

The Cessna 208 plane fell on the airstrip in Chrcynno near Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. This is a machine used, among other things, for parachute jumping – reported Artur Węgrzynowicz from tvnwarszawa.pl who was on site on Monday evening.

2. Killed, wounded and injured

Five people died and eight were injured, two of them seriously. A dozen or so people were considered injured, the spokesman for the Warsaw Police Commander, Nadkom. Sylwester Marczak. The pilot was among those who died. Some of the injured people were treated on the spot and left the scene of the tragedy on their own, he said.

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– Eight injured people were taken to hospitals in Warsaw, Ciechanów and Płońsk – said Izabella Gulajska, a medical rescuer.

– Helicopters of the Polish Medical Air Rescue took two men, aged around 40, to hospitals in Warsaw, said Justyna Sochacka, a spokeswoman for the LPR in Warsaw, adding that one had a chest injury and the other a craniocerebral trauma.

The deputy voivode of Masovia, Sylwester Dąbrowski, informed that there was a child among the wounded. He did not specify his age.

Monika Nowakowska-Brynda from the Headquarters pointed out that the victims include people who took shelter in the hangar from bad weather conditions. – It is known that any person who knows that a storm is approaching will seek shelter in a safe place. Unfortunately, this hangar did not turn out to be that way – she said.

3. Intervention of emergency services

16 fire brigades and about 60 rescuers participated in the rescue operation on Monday evening, a representative of the State Fire Service informed. – The vast majority of them were hosts from the Nowy Dwór district, from the Rescue and Fire Fighting Unit No. 8 in Warsaw, the Medical Rescue Section – said the young captain. Pawel Plagowski.

Spokesperson for the Warsaw Air Rescue Service, Justyna Sochacka, said that four LPR helicopters from Warsaw, Płock, Olsztyn and Sokołów Podlaski took part in the operation after the accident.

4. Weather conditions

As reported by Monika Nowakowska-Brynda from the Main Headquarters of the State Fire Service, the Cessna plane was landing in bad weather conditions and this may have been the reason for its impact on the hangar, where people were sheltering from the storm and storm. Nowakowska-Brynda emphasized that “we can give meteorological conditions as the presumed cause (of the disaster – ed.).”

Spokesman of the Capital City Police Commander nadkom. Sylwester Marczak announced during a press conference that “there are several hours of work ahead of the services. Representatives of the State Commission for Investigation of Aircraft Accidents are on site.”

When asked about the causes of the accident, he noted that “at the moment it is too early to talk about it.” “The commission that works on site will also be of key importance when it comes to clarifying the circumstances of the incident,” he noted.

A small plane crashed in ChrcynnoLeszek Szymanski/PAP/EPA

4. Airport type

The accident took place at the airport in Chrcynno near Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. Maciej Lasek, former head of the State Aircraft Accident Investigation Commission, assessed that the airport “is perfect”. – For many years, flights and parachute jumps have been conducted there. With such a high intensity of air operations, there have been very few incidents or accidents there, he added.

Maciej Lasek explained that there is a grass airport in Chrcynno, located outside the built-up area. – I would not associate this incident with the airport itself. There are many such airports in Poland – he pointed out.

5. The scale of the tragedy

This is the most tragic plane crash in Poland in nine years. On July 5, 2014, a small plane carrying parachutists crashed in Topolów near Częstochowa. Eleven people died and one was injured.

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The most tragic catastrophe in the history of Polish aviation took place in May 1987. 183 people died in the accident of the Ił 62M “Tadeusz Kościuszko” plane in the Kabacki Forest.

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Main photo source: Leszek Szymanski/PAP/EPA

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