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What does the code on eggs mean, what does the color of the shell depend on

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Eggs are the basis of Easter and must not be missing on the festive table. What does the code that producers use to mark eggs mean? What does egg color depend on? Here’s what you need to know before last-minute shopping.

As HRE Investments analysts note, data of the Central Statistical Office for March suggest prices rose 16.2% year-on-year. But inflation for an Easter basket is almost twice as high. Bread, sausage, eggs and ham rose by an average of 31% over the year. The analysis found that it was eggs that went up the most over the course of the year. In 2022, according to the Central Statistical Office, one piece cost 70 groszy, and today it is already PLN 1.

“Therefore, the price of eggs increased by about 41 percent. The higher prices are mainly due to the growing costs of keeping the farm (feed and energy) – suggests the National Chamber of Poultry and Feed Producers. The rising costs forced some breeders to reduce the number of hens. The result is less supply” – found in the analysis. However, we cannot do without eggs during Easter. Therefore, it is worth preparing yourself for their purchases.

Code on eggs – what does it mean?

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For example, you need to know that the numbers on the eggs have nothing to do with the date they were laid. The code, however, contains information that we often do not notice on the label.

The most important of them is the breeding system code – the first number on the egg. It will tell us whether the information on the box (“Country eggs”, “Straight from the backyard”, etc.) is true or just an advertising gimmick.

Egg codePAP

What determines the color of the eggshell

The color of the egg shell, contrary to popular belief, does not depend on the hen’s feeding method, but on… the color of the hen’s feathers. The darker the plumage of the hen, the darker the shells of her eggs will be.

Thus, white eggs are basically laid only by white hens.

Egg shell colorPAP

“Let’s not eliminate the eggs”

Ewa Glońska-Strączek, a psychodietitian, recommends an easily digestible diet, drinking the right amount of water and eggs in connection with the holidays. – Let’s not eliminate eggs – she said in an interview with PAP.

– It is a source of valuable protein, which consists of as many as 18 different amino acids. In addition, they are exogenous, i.e. those that our body does not produce, but we need them very much – added Glońska-Strączek.

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