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What does the grapevine cling to? A question from Millionaires for a thousand zlotys

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What does the grapevine cling to: whiskers, sidelocks, claws or Velcro? This question was answered by Mr. Emil Witczak from Rossoszyca for a thousand zlotys.

Mr. Emil was only at the beginning of his game. So far, he has answered one question. He still had all three lifebuoys at his disposal.

Correct answer to the question below guaranteed the player a prize of 1,000 zlotys.

What does the grapevine cling to?

A: mustache B: sideline C: claws D: Velcro.

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Climbing plants produce various forms of shoots that allow them to attach themselves to the support. This allows them to grow upwards and thus gain more light. The grapevine, like peas, produces sticky whiskers that wrap around a pole or rack. So the correct answer is A.

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