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What does the panda eat? Panda eating meat and chewing bones recorded on the video

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What does the panda eat? It is commonly believed that giant pandas are herbivores that like shoots, leaves, stems, mainly bamboo. But for meat? So when a panda crunching animal bones was recorded in one of the Chinese nature reserves, the material was met with disbelief. In response, experts admitted that the diets of these animals, especially those living in the wild or in open sanctuaries, also include non-plant foods, such as fish, eggs or meat.

In the nature reserve of the Foping National Wildlife Refuge in Shaanxi Province, a giant panda has been registered as it has gnawed at the bones of an animal. The footage was created as part of the panda habitat research.

Panda was crunching bones

The video shows an adult panda holding and chewing a bone. Several others are scattered nearby. After sensing the presence of a human, the panda gives up food and quietly walks away into the forest. About 20 pieces of animal bones were found in the collected samples of her feces.

– This is the second time we have managed to record how a giant panda from the Foping National Nature Reserve eats meat. We shot the previous movie in winter, Li Shuiping, the forest ranger at the reserve, told Reuters.

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Pandas aren’t just herbivores

Dr. Li Sheng from the Department of Life Sciences at Peking University emphasized that other nature reserves, such as Gansu and Sichuan, also have pandas with taste preferences that differ from stereotypes.

– Research from the Qingling, Minshan and Qionglai mountains has shown that wild giant pandas enjoy delicacies beyond their traditional diet. These are mostly animal remains. Further research will show what this means for their organisms, Li Sheng said.

Main photo source: Reuters

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