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What is a buzz? Should we be afraid of these insects?

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Insects from the hoverfly family can be dangerous – during the flight they can suddenly hover in the air, looking at the surroundings, and many species resemble wasps in appearance. As experts from the State Forests explained, these animals play an important role in our ecosystems.

Insects with a yellow and black, striped abdomen are usually associated with wasps, hornets and other species that can sting us. However, this expressive color coat is also found in representatives of other families – should you be afraid of them?

“Does only useful things”

As representatives of the State Forests explained in social media, among the “striped” insects there are also some representatives of the hoverfly family (Syrphidae). However, these animals are more closely related to flies than to wasps.

– Although we have hundreds of hoverfly representatives in Poland, some of them resemble small “wasps” due to their color (e.g. common hoverfly, striped hoverfly or meadow curlew). They characteristically hover in the air and look at us curiously, sometimes they even land on an outstretched hand.

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As experts have explained, hoverflies are incredibly useful insects that pollinate plants. Many species, including the common banded hover (Episyrphus balteatus), help fight plant pests. In the larval form, these insects devour up to several hundred aphids in just two weeks.

“Something is hanging in the air and looking at you strangely? Please calm down. It’s not a wasp, it doesn’t sting, it doesn’t bite, it does only useful things” – experts added.

Striped hoverfly (Episyrphus balteatus)stock.adobe.com

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