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What is not included in the draft law on civil partnerships?

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– As far as I know, the project does not include the adoption of children by homosexual couples – said Włodzimierz Czarzasty, co-chairman of the New Left, in “Kropka nad i” when asked about the law on civil partnerships.

– On Thursday, I will meet with the president of PSL, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, regarding the draft law on civil partnerships – said the Minister for Equality Katarzyna Kotula. – We have all kinds of additional arguments and research to convince Polish People's Party for such a government project to be created, she added.

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Co-chairman of the New Left Włodzimierz Czarzasty he was asked in “Kropka nad i” whether the Left is ready to resign from guaranteeing the possibility of adopting children by non-heteronormative couples in the project in order to convince PSL to support the project. – Minister Kotula submitted this project because the project has already been written and is ready. In this project, as far as I know, there is no project for the adoption of children by homosexual couples – he replied.

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– If the only dispute was the issue of adoption of children, I kindly inform you that Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz will support the project submitted by Minister Kotula – he added. – This is the Act on civil partnerships, not on marriage – he added.

Czarzasty confirmed that the bill contains provisions regarding the possibility of inheriting from a partner, access to medical information and hospital visits. He said it was “a lot”. – There was no such act – he added.

Czarzasty will resign from his position? “Term ends next year”

The Civic Coalition won the June elections to the European Parliament, gaining 37.06 percent of support. It came in second place Law and Justice – 36.16 percent. The podium closes Confederation, which was supported by 12.08 percent of voters. Third Road won 6.91 percent and the Left Party – 6.3 percent of support.

– This is not a good result. We hoped for more. Personally, I also hoped for more, admitted Czarzasty. – We write down all our sins. I always have guilt in me. Because once I was in the team that brought the Left back into the Sejm after four years of non-existence, and I was in the team that started co-ruling after eighteen years, now I am in the team that lost the local government elections and lost elections to the European Parliament – added.

Włodzimierz CzarzastyTVN24

When asked whether he would resign from co-leading the New Left because of these failures, he replied: – We have a term of office. This term ends with the election of new authorities. Next year. The moment we formed the government, I believe that we need to take responsibility for the government and take responsibility for the country, and not deal with personnel issues. When the time comes, we will do it, he said.

Czarzasty: there will be no changes to the coalition agreement

Czarzasty was also asked about a scenario in which, due to the Left's poor result, the seats in the government vacated by the new MEPs of this party would go to another of the coalition partners. – No, nothing like that will happen, he assured.

– We have already finished the coalition meeting, we have clear positions on this matter. I just wanted to remind you, really with a distance and calmly, that three months ago I heard from Third Way politicians that it would be best to renegotiate the coalition agreement, he continued.

– I will not ask Third Way politicians such a question at the moment, that since they have the same 6 percent as us, we have four ministers, they should not have seven, but four, because I consider it stupid and irresponsible – he added. – Such situations occurred and we did not react to them because we have responsibility and a four-year contract. Half a year has passed. There will be no changes to the coalition agreement, he assured.

Finally, the co-chairman of the New Left answered the question whether his party already has its candidate in next year's presidential elections. – NO. We will indicate it in the fall and I think it will be as part of the discussion or primary elections that will be held in the parties – he explained.

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