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What is Putin struggling with? Biden says it straight

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US President Joe Biden said in an interview with ABC News that Vladimir Putin is struggling to prevent Russia “from falling apart” while at the same time constantly attacking Ukraine. – I have known him for 40 years, he has worried me for 40 years. He's not a good man, Biden said.

“Putin is struggling to ensure that his country does not fall apart while continuing this attack,” the president said USA Joe Biden in an interview for ABC News. – I have known him for 40 years, he has worried me for 40 years. This is not a good man. He is a dictator, he said.

– We are not talking about giving Ukrainians weapons to attack Moscow or the Kremlin – he said in the broadcast fragment of the conversation conducted in Normandy. He responded to Putin's words that providing precision weapons for… Ukraine for strikes in the territory Russia constitutes “direct participation in this war.”


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The US allows Ukraine to attack targets on Russian territory

Biden added that he only allowed Ukraine to strike “just across the border,” from where Ukraine is under fire from Russians and where Russian troops are massing to prepare for assaults. Biden thus confirmed the previously announced changes in US policy regarding the use of American weapons.

When asked whether the weapons donated by the US had already been used by Ukrainians for attacks on Russian territory, the president did not answer directly, but emphasized that the lifting of restrictions only applies to border regions. – We do not consent to strikes 200 miles deep into Russia, and we do not consent to strikes against Moscow or the Kremlin, he stressed.


Ukraine has long been seeking to lift the ban on striking targets on Russian territory. Currently, it is still lobbying for the US to also enable it to conduct long-range strikes using ATACMS ballistic missiles. When asked about this on Tuesday, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said that the US was in talks with Ukraine on this topic.

Main photo source: SPUTNIK POOL/PAP

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