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What is the Cabinet Council – when is it convened? Who is included?

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A meeting of the Cabinet Council will be held today at the Presidential Palace with the participation of President Andrzej Duda and the government of Donald Tusk. What is the cabinet council and when is it convened? We explain and remind which president has convened the most meetings of this constitutional body.

The meeting of the Cabinet Council will start on Tuesday at 13. – It will be two months from the time the government was formed – said the president Andrzej Dudaannouncing in early February issuing a decision to convene the Cabinet Council.

While the president indicated that he wanted to talk about key investments for the previous government – such as: Central Communication Port – Prime Minister Donald Tusk he suggested maybe the topic should be Donald Trump’s last loud statement. Ex-president USA he said he would “encourage” Russiato “do whatever she pleases” with NATO countriesthat “don’t pay”, i.e. spend less than 2 percent of GDP on defense. “I wouldn’t defend such a country,” Trump declared.

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Cabinet Council – when it is convened

The constitution gives the president the right to convene the Cabinet Council. In art. 141. it is indicated: “1. In matters of particular importance, the President of the Republic of Poland may convene the Cabinet Council. The Cabinet Council is constituted by the Council of Ministers meeting under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic of Poland. 2. The Cabinet Council does not have the powers of the Council of Ministers.”

The positions presented during the Cabinet Council are not legally binding, but – as we read on the official website of the President of the Republic of Poland – “they carry significant political value. In this way, the President can draw the attention of the Council of Ministers to important problems and demand information regarding the intentions or actions of the Government.” in these areas. It may also establish a joint strategy with the Council of Ministers on specific issues. The council is convened when the president considers a given problem to be “a matter of particular importance”.

Andrzej Duda, Donald TuskTVN24

Cabinet Council – broadcast

Prime Minister Tusk suggested that perhaps a broadcast of this meeting would be a good idea. – I would be very satisfied if there were no guesses, because some people were actually surprised if this Cabinet Council was (shown live – ed.) on all television stations. Then it would also be clear what is going on, who is debating and talking about what. But of course it is the host, Mr. President, who decides, so I will not interfere in this in any way – he said.

However, it is already known that the council meeting is to be divided into an open and closed part. The former will be broadcast in the media (including TVN24). The president is to make a statement to the media after the meeting. The minister announced this earlier in the office of the president Małgorzata Paprocka. – Typically, the Cabinet Council consists of two parts: public, with the participation of the media, and as the Council of Ministers – the second part is already covered by the protection of classified information, so that we can also talk honestly about these issues. This is how the invitation was formulated (…); this is absolutely a continuation of current practice – said the minister at the KPRP.

Cabinet Council – past meetings

President Andrzej Duda has convened meetings of the Cabinet three times since 2015. His predecessor, Bronislaw Komorowski convened four meetings of the Cabinet Council. The same Lech Kaczynski, in office from 2005 to 2010. He is a record holder Aleksander Kwaśniewski – during two terms of office, he convened eight meetings of the Cabinet Council in the Presidential Palace.

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