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What John Paul II knew about pedophilia in the Church, Franciszkańska 3 report. Father Paweł Gużyński and journalists comment

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The image of John Paul II will be deconstructed. It will be a complex, painful process that will make some people unable to cope with this knowledge – said Dominican Father Paweł Gużyński on TVN24. Publicists also talked about the reportage on the facts from the life of Karol Wojtyła. – This is not an attack on sanctity, it is justice for the victims – assessed Roman Imielski from “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

Marcin Gutowski in the latest report “Franciszkańska 3” from the series “Bielmo” showed previously unknown facts from the life of Karol Wojtyła from the time when he was not yet the pope. The reporter talked to the victims of priests who were still under Cardinal Wojtyla in the 1960s. He reached out to people who personally informed him about crimes committed by clergy, and to church documents confirming Wojtyła’s actions and omissions.

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Gużyński: this image of the pope will be deconstructed

Dominican Father Paweł Gużyński said on Tuesday on TVN24 that “the image of John Paul II that we have used so far will slowly be deconstructed.”

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“It will not be a simple process, painless, or risk-free. Such complex knowledge, such complicated cases are not something that the average person can handle. This deconstruction will be a complex, painful process that will make some people unable to cope with this knowledge – said the Dominican.

Gużyński: where are the bishops who should be defenders of John Paul II?

When asked whether such actions of Karol Wojtyła exclude his holiness, Father Gużyński replied: – If we understand what holiness is in the right way, as we Catholics read it from the biblical message, then there must be no contradiction between the two here.

He explained that “there is no equal sign between sanctity and the situation when someone does not make any mistakes or even crimes.”

– I will refer to the most fundamental image from the New Testament. Next to the crucified Jesus hang two thieves – a good thief and a bad thief. The only difference between them is that one confesses and says: I am justly judged for my deeds, remember me, lord, when you come to your kingdom. The other laughs at all this and says: if you are the son of God, let us be saved – the TVN24 guest quoted.

– These are two possible attitudes, typological ones. In short: we are all thieves and one of the thieves to some extent, in some events John Paul II turned out to be. This is an ambivalent truth about each of us, but we do not like this truth. And that is why this process will be difficult, he said.

Gużyński also pointed out that the bishops, who “should be the defenders of John Paul II, have buried themselves in curias.” – Where are they? Where are all my friends, fighters from those years? There have always been few of them, now I’m alone – he said, referring to the text of the popular song “White Flag” by the band Republika. – John Paul II was left alone because his friends left him. Those who shout that Poland has betrayed the legacy of John Paul II. Where are they? They don’t exist, he said.

Imielski: This is not an attack on sanctity, it is giving justice to the victims

Publicists also talked about John Paul II and Marcin Gutowski’s reportage on Tuesday on TVN24. Roman Imielski from “Gazeta Wyborcza” said: – All those who have defended John Paul II so far, that he was outside the whole church structure that hid pedophiles and had nothing to do with it himself, will have to verify their position.

– Today, of course, we see such an action from the right-wing circles that it is an attack on holiness, on a great man who has great merits. This is of course true, but it cannot be separated from the tragedy of the victims of pedophile priests who existed in the Polish Church, also during communism. This is not an attack on holiness. This is justice for the victims, the journalist said.

Rigamonti: this is a seal, a confirmation

Magadalena Rigamonti from Onet said that Gutowski’s report was “sealing, saying: yes, John Paul II knew”. – However, this is not information that is completely surprising, because it has been talked about, talked about for years – she noted.

– It all started with the films of the Sekielski brothers, which showed the scale of this phenomenon, the scale of pedophilia, which showed what it looks like from the perspective of the victims. Then there was also an appeal for the bishops to go out to the victims, that this is the moment to say “sorry” and “cleanse the Church” of pedophiles. Nothing of the sort happened, she said.

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