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What next with in vitro reimbursement in Warsaw? Trzaskowski comments

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2,100 babies born – this is one of the greatest points of pride. We will continue the in vitro program until it is needed, assured the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, on Thursday in “Fakty po Faktach”.

– I do not rule out the possibility that we will have a government and local government program supporting it. Because we really have something to do, said Trzaskowski.

He also recalled that it was created in Warsaw Institute of Women’s Health, where “girls and later women” receive care. – We deal with them from the very beginning – from the moment the girl decides to get pregnant and then conducts the pregnancy. Until a woman becomes a senior, he emphasized.

Trzaskowski: we help womenTVN24

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The Mayor of Warsaw added that if it turns out that “there will be no need to continue local government programs because the government will do it, the city will have more money to support girls and women.” – Because it is an absolute priority for us – he said.

More money in Warsaw for the in vitro program

The Warsaw in vitro program provides for co-financing of in vitro fertilization procedures, fertility protection for women undergoing cancer treatment, and lectures for young people on the prevention and treatment of infertility.

Approximately 1,800 couples a year can benefit from co-financing of in vitro fertilization procedures, and one couple is entitled to a maximum of three fertilization attempts. Eight clinics have signed contracts with the city. Married couples or civil partners who have been living in Warsaw for at least two years can sign up for treatment.

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In October 2022, the Warsaw Council adopted a resolution on launching a new edition of the program for the next three years. The program budget was also increased from PLN 33 to over PLN 40 million.

Citizens’ bill on in vitro refund

The first reading of the citizens’ bill took place in the Sejm on Wednesday Act on in vitro reimbursement. It was presented by Agnieszka Pomaska, an MP from the Civic Coalition. She pointed out that when signatures were collected for the civic project “Yes to in vitro”it was promised that sooner or later the act would come into force.

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According to the citizens’ draft amendment to the Act on health care services financed from public funds, the Minister of Health would develop, implement, implement and finance a health policy program for infertility treatment, covering medical procedures of assisted reproduction, including in vitro fertilization. The bill was submitted during the last term of office of the Sejm.

The justification stated that “in the light of current demographic data, a pluralistic, open, multi-threaded, calm and wise discussion on family support is needed.” It should include – as calculated -, among others: economic, social and medical support, including infertility treatment.

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Trzaskowski on Morawiecki's mission: this is a game against the national interest

Trzaskowski on Morawiecki’s mission: this is a game against the national interestTVN24

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