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What next with the construction of the CPK? The parliamentary majority does not rule out that the investment will be continued

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Residents of Baranów are asking what’s next with the Central Communication Port. CPK was the plan of the PiS government, but the new government says that “it must not be thrown into the trash.” What does this mean exactly?

In Baranów and the surrounding area, people say they finally want to know what awaits them. The first works related to the construction of the CPK are already underway. Some of the land has been purchased, technical roads are being built, and site research is underway. These are decisions of the PiS government, and now, when the government changes, people are waiting for a clear declaration. – We want to stay here. There is no money that would satisfy me – says Witold Konarski, the village head of Buszyce. – This madness must be stopped now – adds Elżbieta Zyskowska, a resident of Stare Budy.

For the outgoing government, the airport was the apple of their eye, hence the understandable appeal of PiS to continue construction. However, a new government will probably take over in a week and it will be up to it to decide on the CPK.

Polish People’s Party MP Dariusz Klimczak, tipped to be the minister of infrastructure, said on Monday on TVN24 that the project “should not be thrown away”. – This project has been so invested and has consumed so much money that there is no way it will be canceled – says the MP.

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The new authorities will probably not throw the project into the trash, although it is not yet known to what extent it will be continued. – This is absolutely required by the economic interest, the interest of Polish society – says Marcin Horała, MP from Law and Justice and government representative for the Central Communication Port, about the project. – CPK in its current form, I’m only talking about the airport, should not be built, but all these other elements – railway infrastructure – should be built – says Krzysztof Gawkowski, MP from the Left.

CPK – master planPAP

Protests against the investment

The Central Communication Port is not only a huge airport between Warsaw and Łódź, but also a network of high-speed railways and roads. No one knows how much it will cost exactly, but it is already known that it is at least tens of billions of zlotys. For now, expenses only for the salaries of management board members are estimated in millions, although no key element of the investment will be created for a long time.

– Let’s prepare a white paper, let’s try to find the documents that were the basis for the decision, and then we will make the best decisions for Poland, for its citizens – emphasizes Mirosław Suchoń, MP for Poland 2050.

People whose lands and houses are to be expropriated for construction have repeatedly protested against the investment. This is gigantomania – the then opposition accused the PiS government. Its politicians met with people and appealed to stop the construction. – I hope they will keep this word – says Kamil Szymańczak, a farmer from Baranów.

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Donald Tusk also spoke at the height of the election campaign. – There are two variants: either stopping this investment, or reformulating it, verifying that it will be rational, cheaper, normal and without harm to people – said the leader of the Civic Platform.

Everything indicates that the second option wins. – Poland deserves a high-speed railway and I hope that the investment in this area will be continued. Until we have access to the documents, we cannot talk about details – emphasizes Krzysztof Truskolaski, MP from the Civic Coalition.

Completely withdrawing from the CPK project would also be difficult formally. The airport is being built under an act, so to change it, the president’s signature would be needed.

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