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What to do if you notice a forest fire

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The weather encourages forest trips, but this weekend it is better to give up this way of spending time. The services warn that the forest floor is very dry and susceptible to the slightest source of fire that can start a fire. What should we do if we see a fire breaking out in the forest?

The fire danger remains at its highest level across most of the country on Saturday. The most difficult situation is in the north, east and partly in the center of Poland. In almost the entire remaining area of ​​the country, the threat is considered medium – according to a map published by the Forest Research Institute.

Fire hazard in Polish forestsIBL

On Saturday, the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management warns almost all of Poland against the extreme and very high risk of fires.

According to data from the State Fire Service, over 700 more forest fires have been recorded this year than in the same period last year. As Paweł Kowalski from the Piotrków Forest District emphasized on TVN24, in the Radomsko poviat (Łódź Voivodeship) there were four times more forest fires, and the litter moisture is currently 11 percent. – This is very little – he emphasized.

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However, most measurement stations of the Forest Research Institute indicate that pine litter has a moisture content of less than 10 percent, which means it is extremely susceptible to inflammation.

What not to do in the forest

– We haven't had good rainfall for several weeks. The moss did not soak up enough to cause such a cushion of moisture. At the moment, there is a lack of moisture, especially in coniferous forests – said the forester. He appealed not to use open fire in the forest. – We don't smoke cigarettes, we don't light a fire, we don't even use a gas stove. We do not enter the forest because the catalytic converters and exhaust pipes heat up and in a moment there may be a disaster – emphasized Kowalski.

On days when the risk of fire in forests is high, you should be especially careful, and if you are planning a trip to the forest, it is best to postpone it to another time.

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A forester explains what to do when we see a fire in the forestTVN24

What to do if you notice a forest fire

What to do when we witness a fire? The forester emphasized that we should not try to extinguish it ourselves. You should immediately call the PSP emergency number – 998 – or contact 112. According to the State Forests, “the report should state as precisely as possible where the fire is burning, what is burning and how much is burning (e.g.: there is a forest fire in an older coniferous forest near the parking lot on the asphalt road behind village X towards village Y, you can indicate a characteristic point of the surroundings, if possible, you can also provide the GPS position. Let us inform you whether there is a threat to human life and health, or whether there are any other threats. We provide our surname, name and telephone number as the person reporting the fire. We do not hang up the phone until the dispatcher confirms the call; it may be necessary to provide additional information. Of course you must follow the instructions given by the dispatcher or the on-duty service.

How to take care of your safety?

As the forester pointed out, a forest fire is usually associated with intense smoke, which may cause problems with orientation in the field when we are close to the place where the fire broke out. – We may have trouble finding our way. If the smoke is very heavy, we won't know where to run, he said. – Let's evacuate immediately to a safe place, let's move away from the forest. If we want to help the services, let's stand on the road and show where the fire truck should enter – explained Kowalski.

Safety rules in the forestIMWM, PSP

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