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What to do with the Christmas tree? – TVN24

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Instead of throwing the Christmas tree in the trash, you can feed them to alpacas. On Saturday, Christmas trees were collected in Gorzów Wielkopolski, which went to Elvis, Edie, Lua and Pedro, who love to pluck their needles and gnaw through twigs.

– We announced that if someone doesn’t want to leave this poor Christmas tree under a garbage shed after Christmas, just bring it to us. By the way, he will have a meeting with alpacas, he will meet these nice animals, and my gentlemen will have something to eat, because this Christmas tree is sweet for them – says Ewa Faściszewska, owner of the “Alpacas to tu” farm in Karsko.

A waste collection company joined the campaign and proposed collecting Christmas trees for alpacas in Gorzów Wielkopolski. – It is a form of environmental education. So that these Christmas trees do not end up in a landfill, so that we do not have to convert them into compost, we came up with the idea that our beloved soft alpacas should be provided with Christmas trees that they love – says Monika Piaskowska from the Inneko company.

AlpacasTVN 24

The collection took place on Saturday in Gorzów Wielkopolski. Trees could be delivered to one of two points in Gorzów – at ul. Londyńska on the estate. Europejski and in the car park in front of the Feeria shopping center on the estate Górczyn. The action received a positive response. In total, four alpacas received several dozen Christmas trees.

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Elvis, Edi, Lui and Pedro eagerly awaited the fresh delivery of trees and watched with interest as the Inneko employees unpacked the Christmas trees in the yard.

– We are pleasantly surprised that the action met with such a huge response. We did not expect that we would be able to collect so many trees, because last year we received 15 Christmas trees, and now we have simply been inundated with them – says Faściszewska.

In Ostrów they will go to the oven

The collection of post-Christmas trees took place on Saturday also in Ostrów Wielkopolski. Here the trees will be processed into heat. The trees are collected by the employees of the Ostrowski Zakład Ciepłowniczy and Centrum Rozwoju Komunalne. Residents were informed by earlier hanging posters about where they can return the trees or when to put them up in Ostrów housing estates. The action is very popular among the inhabitants of Ostrów. “On the one hand, it makes it easier for residents who struggle with the problem of cleaning up their Christmas trees every year. On the other hand, it perfectly fits into the promotion of ecological care for order and the environment” – wrote the press office of the Ostrów City Hall.

AlpacaTVN 24

Last year, a total of 27 tons of Christmas trees were collected from residents, which produced about 430 GJ of heat for central heating and hot water. “For comparison, the year-round demand for central heating and hot water for a house with an area of ​​​​about 120 sq m, inhabited by 3-4 people, is about 70 GJ” – it was indicated.

Other cities want to plant them again

Other cities collect rooted Christmas trees and intend to plant them in urban space. What is important, in order for the trees to be able to take over a second time, they must be regularly watered and properly cared for.

In order for the plant to take hold, it should be subjected to the hardening process, i.e. it should be moved to a cooler room after it is no longer a Christmas decoration of the apartment. – A tree immediately exposed to low temperatures can be seriously damaged – warns Blanka Rdest-Dudak, director of the Department of Greenery and Municipal Management in Lublin.

In Warsaw, Christmas trees can be returned on Saturday, January 21 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the headquarters of the City Forests at ul. Korkowa 170A.

In Krakow, the replanting of the Christmas tree is facilitated by the creators “Save the Christmas Tree” project. Residents of Krakow can report their willingness to plant a live Christmas tree on their plot or hand it over for planting, saving it from being thrown into the trash. They can also be delivered to the Municipal Greenery Authority by February 17. Two points accepting Christmas trees have been designated: ul. Za Torem 22 (the Christmas tree should be left in front of the gate in a designated place) and ul. Tadeusza Ptaszyckiego 6 (in front of the Hutnik Kraków Sports and Entertainment Hall).

In Poznań, trees in pots can be delivered to the headquarters of the Municipal Greenery Authority at ul. Strzegomska 3, from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 14.00. The campaign will last until January 20.

In Łódź, Christmas trees in pots are collected by the Municipal Forestry and the Łódź Botanical Garden. Live trees in both Łódź institutions can be returned until January 31.

Residents of Lublin can return Christmas trees in pots to the municipal Selective Waste Collection Point. Then, Christmas trees will be planted again in the urban space: in Lublin’s streets and green areas. The campaign lasts until February 10.

Main photo source: TVN 24

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