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What was the money from the Justice Fund used for? “You know what you justify?”

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– In politics, you don't just have to not steal, you have to have some ethics and morality – said Andrzej Rozenek, candidate of the Civic Coalition to the European Parliament, in “Kropka nad i”, referring to the expenditure from the Justice Fund. Law and Justice MEP Kosma Złotowski argued that the money was “always spent for good purposes.”

In Tuesday's edition of “Kropka nad i” a MEP running for re-election PIS Kosma Złotowski and the Civic Coalition's candidate for the European Parliament, Andrzej Rozenek, referred to irregularities in the Justice Fund and the emerging tapes.

Rozenek: in politics you have to have some ethics and morality

– Of course, the tapes are not evidence of a crime, but they will be evidence in the case. Other evidence will prove a crime, Rozenek said. – However, today we are at the stage of whether PiS members justify the immoral, unethical behavior we are dealing with – he added.

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– Do you know what you justify? You justify the fact that hundreds of millions of zlotys did not go to the accounts of women who were beaten, abused and persecuted. They did not go to help children who were victims of violence, but went, for example, to a certain gentleman in a cassock who drove out vegetarianism with the help of brawn – said Rozenek, turning to Złotowski.

As he pointed out, “in politics you don't just have to not steal, of course this is a basic requirement, you also have to have some ethics and morality.” – What you did was to spend this money completely beyond any control, not for the purpose for which it should have been spent – he said.

Rozenek: in politics you have to have some ethics and morality TVN24

Złotowski: money from the Justice Fund was always spent for good purposes

Kosma Złotowski said that he was amused by “the devil wearing a chasuble and ringing mass with his tail.” – This money was always spent for good purposes – he said.

To Rozenek's interjection about the “Pegasus system”, Złotowski responded: “of course it is a very good goal.” – After all, the Polish state must have the means to defend itself – he said.

As he said, “The Justice Fund is not only money to help victims, but also to prevent violence and crime.” – This is the Justice Fund and that is certainly what it was intended for. When it comes to purchasing a Pegasus, this is the thing. This is software that prevents crime, he added.

Who was under surveillance with Pegasus

According to information announced at the turn of 2021/2022 by the Citizen Lab group operating at the University of Toronto, Krzysztof Brejza (at the time he was head of the Civic Coalition campaign), lawyer, was surveilled in Poland using the Pegasus software. Roman Giertychas well as prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek and the leader of Agrounia Michał Kołodziejczak (currently deputy minister of agriculture).

Recently, information has emerged that people were under surveillance by the secret services while they were supervising them Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik, there were not only opponents of the then government, but also prominent PiS politicians. There was also information in the media that the system was to be used to surveil many other politicians and citizens.

The issue of the use of the Pegasus software is currently being investigated by a parliamentary investigative committee, and the prosecutor's office is also dealing with the matter.

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