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What will the new government’s relations with Ukraine look like? “It can’t be in a love-hate emotional mode.”

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Each day of this war is difficult, but organizing support for Ukraine will now require much greater determination and skills on Poland’s part than before. What big challenges await the new government?

After a long break, the Russians again want to destroy Ukrainian critical infrastructure so that Ukrainians will be left without heat and electricity in the winter. The missiles fell, among others, on the suburbs of the Ukrainian capital. – It was quiet, night. We slept. And suddenly there was a terrible bang. We were naked. We found something to wear. Everything was ruined. In our old age, we were left with nothing, says one of the Kiev residents.

Ukrainians are defending themselves against Russian attacks, but they hope that the prospect of joining the European Union will give them courage in this fight. This week, the European Union is to decide at its summit in Brussels whether to start accession negotiations with Kiev. – Russia has intensified its attacks. A few days ago, Kiev witnessed the largest air attack carried out by drones since the beginning of the war. But at the same time, losses in the Russian army are increasing. This is the moment when we should use all our possibilities to support Ukraine, emphasizes Josep Borrell, head of EU diplomacy.

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Borrell hopes that EU unity will not be broken. However, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announces that he will block the decision of European Union leaders.

Volodymyr Zelensky approached Orban during the inauguration of the new Argentine president in Buenos Aires and spoke with him briefly. – I talked to Hungarian Prime Minister Orban as openly as possible. Of course, about our European affairs – says the President of Ukraine. – We can jump and dance if we need to, in addition to what we have already done, but I think this game should be played fairly. If they tell us to do something and we do it, we should take it into account when making a decision, adds Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Ukraine is waiting for US help. President Zelensky will appear before US senatorsAnna Czerwińska/Fakty TVN

A matter of cooperation

Ukraine has met most of the conditions set by Brussels. Ukrainians hope that the new government in Poland will help convince the Hungarian prime minister and will also start talking about key bilateral problems. The Ukrainian border is still blocked by Polish carriers, and the embargo introduced by Poland on grain and agricultural production is still in force. – The former PiS government and the government of Ukraine did not have any discussions about this. Such talks that would support Ukraine as a country that fights for all of Europe, on the one hand, and on the other hand, we all understand that Polish farmers also have problems with it and we are ready for these talks – emphasizes Mykola Kniażycki, deputy to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. – Together we should look for a way out to the markets of the global South for Ukrainian grain. This may be an instrument of the new Polish policy. And together we should produce weapons. Because the demand for it in our region is unlikely to decrease, says Yevhen Mahda, a political scientist.

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According to experts, the war with Russia may last for years. Weakening Ukraine would be disastrous for our security. Kyiv really needs Polish support. – Let’s build our relations – and this is the key – on a legal basis. Let it be a new treaty, let it be new sectoral agreements. This cannot be in the emotional mode from love to hate that PiS led – emphasizes Paweł Kowal from the Civic Coalition.

Main photo source: PAP/Vladyslav Musiienko

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