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What will the prices of coal be in Poland? Piotr Woźniak and prof. Krystyna Bobińska commented on TVN24

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Anyone who claims to rule the coal price market is not true. Prices are governed by their own order, prices are global – said Piotr Woźniak, former Minister of Economy and former president of the Polish Oil and Gas Industry, on TVN24. In turn, professor Krystyna Bobińska from the Sobieski Institute added that “the share of coal extraction in the energy mix is ​​increasing”, for example in Germany, Australia or China.

– Stock prices are incredibly high at the moment. If you look at the price curve, two days ago coal was listed on the ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp), i.e. European coal and Australian coal in Newcastle, its prices are around $ 400 per ton. We are talking about standardized coal, energy coal – emphasized Woźniak.

He added that when you look at the price curve for futures, “July and August prices are lower” and are “around $ 300 per ton”. He explained that “at the moment it is high season, especially in Europe, to buy coal for the winter.”

“Other countries are also moving in this direction”

– Interesting processes are taking place. In our environment, especially in European Unionfor example Germany coal mines open, the share of coal extraction in the energy mix is ​​increasing. They do the same Australia, China. Our main contractors are also increasing coal mining, which is contrary to the green policy, transition and supply of renewable resources – emphasized Bobińska.

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She also added: – The realities show that coal extraction must be increased. Ideology shows that it would be good to use renewable resources. In Germany, for example, which is an example of changes in the structure of the energy mix, the share of renewable raw materials has decreased and the share of coal has increased. And other countries are also moving in this direction.

prof. Bobińska: the share of coal in the energy mix is ​​increasing, which is against the “green policy”TVN24

Coal pricing project

Head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister Michał Dworczyk he announced on Thursday in Tłit WP that the draft on coal prices will be presented at the next Tuesday meeting of the government; it is especially about ensuring access to cheap coal for people who are in the worst economic situation – he stressed.

Vice-president Law and Justice Radosław Fogiel told PAP on Wednesday that in response to rising coal prices, the government intends to introduce solutions aimed at lowering prices for end users. As he noted, the price of coal should be similar to those from before the increase, i.e. PLN 800-1000.

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