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What would Trump’s return to power mean for Europe? “A chilling prospect”

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Europe must be ready to cope on its own, says the Prime Minister of Belgium, and even raises an alarm, referring to the prospect of Donald Trump returning to the presidency. There are more such votes because it is virtually certain that Trump will be the Republican candidate in the general election. How will he do in a duel with Joe Biden? For now, it is known that their fight in the polls is quite even. That’s why America’s allies wonder what their reality will be if Trump defeats Biden. The main concerns are security and commercial issues.

Donald Trump knocked out his rivals in the Iowa primaries. Today, he is the most likely Republican candidate in the competition for the White House. Thus, the prospect of his second term became quite real. This is causing concern in many European capitals.

“The greatest security challenge for Europe since the end of the Cold War. The chilling prospect that Europe will have to support Ukraine militarily and financially on its own, without the help of the United States,” warns POLITICO. Until now, there was a belief that in the event of a threat, Europe could always and unconditionally count on the United States. That changed during Donald Trump’s presidency. As European Commissioner Thierry Breton revealed in 2020 during a meeting in Davos, Donald Trump allegedly told Ursula von der Leyen that NATO is dead and in the event of an attack, the United States will not help Europe.

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Trump was also recently asked about his position towards the Alliance and America’s role. – NATO took advantage of our country. European countries too. (…) I told them that if they did not pay, we would not protect them. I said it quite seriously and the next day they started transferring billions of dollars. They have the means to help Ukraine today because I forced them to do it then, Trump said.

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“An open invitation to Vladimir Putin”

Trump is right to accuse other NATO countries of spending too little on defense. However, such criticism and the manifestation of lack of attachment to Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty constitute an existential threat to Europe.

– If Trump announces to the world that he does not intend to have anything to do with NATO, that he does not intend to defend Europe, it is an open invitation to Vladimir Putin to continue his project of rebuilding the Russian empire – says Ian Bond, a former diplomat and expert at the Center For European Reform . Perhaps, in the case of Trump’s second term, transatlantic relations will require some remodeling. Perhaps Europe should become as independent from the United States as possible – both militarily and economically. Although it is extremely difficult and would take years.

– Europeans can’t just say, “well, if we can’t sell to America, we’ll sell elsewhere.” It is the largest and richest market in the world. In fact, there is little Europe can do to protect itself from Trump’s protectionist approach, notes Ian Bond.

Donald Trump triumphs in the Republican primaries in IowaJustyna Kazimierczak/Fakty o Świecie TVN24 BiS

An important ally

“The United States is an old ally that does not conduct hostile actions like China or Russia. Europe can apply sanctions against these two countries, but in the case of the United States it would not be appropriate. On the other hand, behind-the-scenes diplomatic activities can also turn out to be troublesome. Trump has thin skin and any criticism of his actions could be met with an exaggerated reaction,” CNN emphasizes. Voices can be heard in European capitals that one should keep a cool head and a calm head in relations with Donald Trump. Do what’s right and play like your opponent – formally, your ally – allows.

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– I take the leaders that people give me. I have pledged to look after France’s interests, so I will talk to everyone. That’s what I did during President Trump’s first term. We have had failures, for example on climate or customs, but in general I believe that we should not focus on personnel issues, but on the fact that the United States is our important ally, says Emmanuel Macron, President of France. Emmanuel Macron speaks on behalf of himself and France. Another issue is to agree on a uniform position within the entire European community. Which, as we already know, is not easy either.

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