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What's next for Marek Magierowski? Marcin Mastalerek: I would like to appeal to the Prime Minister

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– As I understand, Ambassador Magierowski is summoned to Warsaw. Because the president of the Republic of Poland appoints and dismisses ambassadors – said Marcin Mastalerek, head of the president's office, in “Kropka nad i”. He referred in this way to unofficial information about Marek Magierowski's departure from the position of ambassador to the USA. Mastalerek appealed to Prime Minister Donald Tusk on this matter.

Marcin Wrona, journalist of “Fakty” TVN, said on Wednesday that Polish Ambassador to the USA Marek Magierowski will leave the post in mid-Julyafter the summit FOR THIS in Washington.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which announced in March that the candidate for ambassador to the US is the former head of the Ministry of National Defense, currently KO senator Bogdan Klich, emphasized that it does not comment on personnel decisions before their official announcement.

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Mastalerek: As I understand it, Ambassador Magierowski is summoned to Warsaw

The case was commented on in “Kropka nad i” by the head of the president's office, Marcin Mastalerek. – As I understand, Ambassador Magierowski is summoned to Warsaw. Because the President of the Republic of Poland appoints and dismisses ambassadors, he said. As he added, “he could receive a letter dismissing him only from the President of the Republic of Poland.”

– Has there been at least one argument presented that this is a bad ambassador? Have you heard anyone in the public space say that this is a bad ambassador? – He was asking.

He stated that in terms of the state's foreign policy, “there is co-responsibility for this policy between the government and the president.” – I was at a meeting with the president Joe Biden, President Duda was there. Do you think he was on a trip? No, he was doing foreign policy, he continued.

Marcin MastalerekTVN24

– I would like to appeal to the Prime Minister Donald Tusk, if I may. Mr. Prime Minister, if you want to have the competences of the President of the Republic of Poland, don't be afraid, run for office. elections and then you will be able to appoint and dismiss ambassadors. And for now, it is the president who is doing it, it is President Duda, he said.

Mastalerek was also asked whether President Duda would sign the ambassadorial nomination for Bogdan Klich.

– Please put here Ambassador Magierowski, who is praised by all sides of the political dispute, and Bogdan Klich, who was criticized even by the Platform's parliamentarians for being a minister in the government of the Platform (Civic Platform – ed.) and was, after all, replaced by a minister (Tomasz – ed. .) Siemoniak. He was just a weak minister. The president will not agree to it, he replied.

Mastalerek about running in the presidential elections

Marcin Mastalerek was asked whether he “wanted” to run in the next presidential elections. – I want to perform my function well and serve Andrzej Duda – he replied. He said he “can't rule it out, but he never said he wanted it.”

– I will make a decision on this, like probably other candidates, between November and January – he added. As he said, “he has not talked about it with President Andrzej Duda yet.”

Mastalerek: the election result is a defeat for the president and PiS

The Civic Coalition won in Sunday's European Parliament elections, gaining 37.06 percent of support. It came in second place Law and Justice – 36.16 percent. The podium closes Confederation, which was supported by 12.08 percent of voters. Third Road won 6.91 percent and the Left Party – 6.3 percent of support.

Mastalerek said that the election result was “of course a defeat for the president and Law and Justice.” – First of all, it was a failure in mobilizing his voters, because Donald Tusk, compared to the local government elections two and a half months ago, mobilized almost the same number of voters as two months earlier. Probably 50 thousand less. However, President Kaczyński and Law and Justice mobilized 700,000 fewer voters – he continued.

Wojciech Kolarski, a minister in the Chancellery of the President in whose campaign Andrzej Duda was involved, who ran from number one on the PiS lists in Greater Poland, did not win a mandate in the elections. – This is a failure – said Mastalerek. – He paid the frieze. A man who was running for election for the first time was thrown into a district he didn't know. One day they tell him in Law and Justice: “you will run in Podlasie.” The day before the registration (of electoral rolls – ed.), I learn from the media that he will be from Greater Poland – he continued.

– This is primarily a failure of Minister Kolarski, and the president treats him as his friend – he added.

The former president of TVP also did not get into the European Parliament from the PiS list Jacek Kurski. – It was obvious that Jacek Kurski was harming the right wing and that he would not achieve a good result. I was surprised that Prime Minister Szydło supported him. However, there is no problem with Jacek Kurski. It's obvious that he will always want to be everywhere. He will want to rule, be somewhere, do something. The problem is whether Jaroslaw Kaczynski he allows such people to exist, said Mastalerek.

Dispute over ambassadors

Marek Magierowski has been the Polish ambassador to the USA since 2021. Previously, he spent three years on duty in Israel. His name is mentioned in the context of the dispute over the appointment of ambassadors between the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski and President Andrzej Duda.

Sikorski already made the decision in March completion of the mission by over 50 ambassadors and the withdrawal of several candidates submitted for approval by the previous management of the ministry. When asked about it then, Andrzej Duda argued that “no Polish ambassador can be appointed or dismissed without the president's signature.”

Main photo source: TVN24

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