What’s next for the Third Way? “We will simply continue this project”


This party, its leaders and candidates are probably the biggest winners of the elections. Third Way was sometimes above and sometimes below the 8 percent threshold for the coalition. Nobody counted on 61 seats. At the negotiating table, Hołownia and Kosiniak-Kamysz have strong cards in the game of power and responsibility.

After the exit poll results were announced, the Third Way headquarters burst into joy. – We will make Poland the strongest country in Europe, we will attract funds from the European Union, we will build the strength of the Polish economy. We take responsibility for Poland, announces Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz.

Will the Third Way continue to function together? Will the coalition be divided into PSL and Polska 2050, as announced earlier? – We will simply continue this project – assures Miłosz Motyka from PSL.

However, questions abound. How many MPs will be introduced by Szymon Hołownia and how many by Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz? Which of them will have more to say and will any of them benefit from going it alone? When it comes to coalition negotiations with the rest of the opposition, it would be logical to maintain unity. Together, Third Way can be the third force in the Sejm.

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Together or not?

The overall goals are clear and common. – The first thing is to bring about changes in the justice system that will make it possible to unblock funds for KPO – says Władysław Teofil Bartoszewski, KKW Trzecia Droga, PSL. – We showed that this cooperation was possible even before the elections – assures Borys Budka from PO. This is a subtle allusion to the fact that Donald Tusk personally supported the Third Way when polls indicated that it might fall below the electoral threshold. But now it’s history. The future is a possible takeover of power and the uncertainty associated with it. – Eight years of experience with PiS shows that we should expect absolutely everything – says Michał Kobosko from Trzecia Droga, Poland 2050.

However, if representatives of the Third Way are given power, how much of it will they get? It is known that there will be no cooperation with PiS. PSL has a clear position on this topic. – They didn’t manage to break us or encourage us, and they won’t succeed now either – says Krzysztof Hetman, Trzecia Droga, PSL.

The second possible coalition partner of the Third Way is the Left. The announcements of cooperation from the Left are very cautious. The Third Way must communicate with the other parties, but it must also make internal decisions – together, separately and in what form? – We have not been on this difficult march for so many years just to argue today about some bullshit – notes Miłosz Motyka.

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