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Whatsapp and OLX. Police warn against scammers

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Recently, the criminal practice has intensified through the use of the OLX platform and WhatsApp messenger – inform police from Bełchatów. Officers urge you to exercise extreme caution when shopping and selling online. They also describe exactly how criminals operate.

“Fraudsters catch potential victims on OLX and manipulate them in order to gain the goal of money. Due to inattention and the desire to sell their belongings quickly, many inhabitants of the Bełchatów poviat lost their savings. We call for caution and caution!” – we read in the police announcement.

The officers emphasize that purchasing items on the OLX platform is the most popular method used by fraudsters.

“Bełchatów police practically every day receive reports of fraud using the OLX portal and WhatsApp application. Despite numerous appeals, many people still fall victim to online criminals. They use inattention and haste to extort data from victims, by means of which they gain access to cards and bank accounts. From January to August, several dozen inhabitants of the county were deceived in this way “- the officials are alerting.


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How do scammers work?

In the message, the police officers accurately describe the actions of the fraudsters.

“The person selling the item on OLX. Practically immediately after the advertisement is posted, most often via the WhatsApp application, the ‘buyer’ contacts, asking if the offer is valid. They propose a purchase combined with the courier option. The only thing the seller has to do is to get ready. thing and wait for the courier and … enter the link, which is supposed to lead to the fact that the seller receives payment in advance for the shipment. (At this point, everyone should see a red light) “- we read.

Officers write that “the scammer then sends you a link to a fake site that looks confusingly like the original OLX site or the courier service, and often there is even an option to chat with the ‘buyer'”.

“After clicking on the link sent, the aggrieved party is redirected to a criminal website. Here, he or she finds a form in which to enter data, including bank card number, expiry date, three-digit CVC number, sometimes he is also asked to log in to his account, or indication of the amount of available funds “- it was written.

“Then the aggrieved party, without foreseeing the threat, gives the authorization codes obtained from his bank without reading their content. The seller is not aware that he is authorizing unauthorized, criminal transactions from his account. At this point, the criminal steals the savings from the account. or withdraws cash at an ATM “- warn policemen.

Fraudulent Activities – What Can Victims Do?

What should you do if you are a victim of fraudsters? Police officers advise that you first need to notify the bank in order to block the card, bill, file a complaint, including the chargeback service.

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