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When is the payment from KPO? PiS spokesman Rafał Bochenek: haste is advisable when catching fleas

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Haste is advisable when catching fleas – this is how PiS spokesman Rafał Bochenek answered the question of a TVN24 journalist about the still unsubmitted application by the government for the payment of EU funds under the KPO. In turn, Tomasz Poręba, PiS MEP, admitted that he “does not know” when the president will submit a request to the Constitutional Court to examine the amendment to the law on the Supreme Court, which was supposed to allow the payment of EU money.

The amendment to the law on the Supreme Court, which caused a conflict in the ruling camp, was supposed to bring Poland closer to the fulfillment of the so-called milestones and the payment of EU funds under the National Reconstruction Plan. The president announced his decision a week ago. He announced that he would not sign the bill and would submit it to the Constitutional Tribunal for examination of its compliance with the constitution. Although the president appealed to the Constitutional Tribunal to deal with the case immediately, his formal request has still not been received there.

Loaf: haste is advisable when catching fleas

On Friday, a spokesman spoke at a joint conference PIS Rafał Bochenek and PiS MEP Tomasz Poręba. TVN24 reporter Maja Wójcikowska asked when the president would apply to the Constitutional Tribunal to examine the changes to the Supreme Court Act, as well as when the government would submit a request for payment of money from the KPO, which had already been announced several times.

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Bochenek did not answer the reporter’s questions. Instead, he talked about other funds flowing from the EU to Poland and criticized the government of the Civic Platform for the “differing from the European average” level of subsidies for farmers.

The journalist once again asked him to answer questions. – It lasts in Poland all the time legislative process. It did not end because the president’s signature was not included in the act. He sent the bill to the Constitutional Tribunal, at the moment the state of affairs is such that the act will be the subject of the Constitutional Tribunal’s works. We are waiting for the verdict – said Bochenek.

The reporter asked him whether he should hurry up with the application for payment from the KPO in order to help the Polish budget. – Haste is advisable when catching fleas – PiS spokesman replied.

– We have the Polish Development Fund. There is information that the programs planned under the KPO are pre-financed by the Polish Development Fund. Everything is on schedule, these programs are starting to work. And when one or the other act is formally approved by the European Commission and the Commission decides to pay us the funds, this is of secondary importance – he said.

He added that the European Commission should be asked about when the money from KPO will reach Poland. To the point that now the movement is on the side of the Polish government, he replied: – It seems to me that I have answered this question in its entirety.

Poręba: I do not know why this law is not in the Tribunal

Tomasz Poręba, after another question, referred to the matter of the president’s application to the Constitutional Tribunal. – The proper entity to decide on the proceeding of this case is the office of the president. I’d love to hear an answer too. I don’t know why at this point this law has not been in the court for a week – he admitted.

– There is a matter of preparing the application, we are waiting for the president to submit such an application to the Tribunal. The Tribunal will certainly deal with this request in due time – added Bochenek.

Bochenek and Poręba on KPO and the Act on the Supreme Court. All exchanges with journalistsTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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