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When it is snowing in Poland. The hitting of winter is likely. Weekend forecast

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The first heavy snowfall this season may occur in Poland this weekend. This is due to the latest forecasts. – On Sunday, it will start snowing, and specifically – says the tvnmeteo.pl synoptician Arleta Unton-Pyziołek. – Today we can say that with a probability of over 80 percent we will have a hit of winter – he adds.

The weather in Poland is still influenced by Wolfgang from the center over Russia. A moderately active cool atmospheric front moves from the north to the south of the country, behind which cool air of polar origin begins to flow from the north. This is why after a warm – for this time of year – weekend we start to feel cool. On Monday, the warmest moment of the day, the temperature will not exceed 10 degrees Celsius anywhere.

On Monday, the front will lie in the southern part of Poland. The pressure will start to rise because from the west the country will come within the reach of a huge boom from the center in the region of Ireland, informs Arleta Unton-Pyziołek, the weather forecast for tvnmeteo.pl.

>> Weather for 16 days: beginning to cooler

The barometric situation and its influence on the weather in Poland

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In the following days, the weather is to be shaped by highlands stretching from the Azores to Russia. Only the northern extremities of Poland will be on the edge of the North Atlantic and Scandinavian lowlands. Therefore, precipitation is forecast in places up to Thursday in the north of the country, mostly rain and snow with light intensity. It is possible, however, that on Tuesday it will fall to 1-2 centimeters of snow in Warmia, Mazury and Podlasie.

Then a mighty bay of coolness will begin to develop, with lows from the Arctic to the Mediterranean Sea, in which a cold front will form. Arctic air will flow from the north and warm air will flow from the south. The contact zone of these various air masses, very humid, will run over Poland.

Friday, in the strip from Silesia, through the center of the country, through Podlasie, it will bring rainfall with snow up to 5 liters of water per square meter, while it will rain in the east and south. Only in the northwest of the country will there be no rainfall.

Rainfall forecast from Friday to MondayVentusky

Weather forecast for the weekend. The attack of winter

On Saturday rain with snow, up to 5 l / sq m, is expected to fall in the southern regions. In the mountains, we expect only 5-10 centimeters of snowfall.

– On Sunday, a whirlwind of air will move towards us from above Austria. In the afternoon it will be over the Czech Republic and in the evening it will enter Małopolska. On Sunday afternoon, snow will start to fall, and more specifically, in Silesia. Then this zone will travel deep into the country and will cover the west and north of the country at night from Sunday to Monday and Monday – he says.

As the tvnmeteo.pl synoptic adds, “than accelerated”, because according to the calculations of meteorological models from Sunday, it was to enter Poland on the following Monday, November 29. He points out that this is a forecast “in the light of today’s calculations” and adds: – There may be changes, but if, then we only expect this rainfall to shift over time. – Today we can say that with a probability of more than 80 percent we will have a winter hit. This trend in the development of a powerful chill bay has been visible for several days, explains Unton-Pyziołek.

The snow cover will be 5 to 10 cm thick. However, it will be wet snow, in addition, the ground is not yet cooled, so the snow will not last long. Difficult road conditions are to be expected.

Snowfall visible in Poland on Sunday night and Monday morningwetter3.de

The chill can last longer

In the central regions of the country there are to be snowfall with rain up to 5-10 l / sq m, and in the south and east, heavy rain up to 10 l / sq m. Heavy rainfall will be accompanied by moderate and fairly strong winds, with gusts up to 50-70 kilometers per hour. It will blow from the south-west and west directions.

As the synoptic tvnmeteo.pl emphasizes, “with the arrival of snow, winter will begin in Poland”. As he adds, “there is even a chance for a polar vortex to develop, i.e. a cold lowlands, surrounded on all sides by a jet stream, which makes it possible to forecast that the cold will remain for longer”.

A cold whirlwind over Europe on Tuesday, November 30wetter3.de

Weather for 16 days: Beginning of deeper cooling

Weather for 16 days: Beginning of deeper coolingtvnmeteo.pl

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