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When will it be warm? Weather for the weekend. Even 20 degrees on the horizon? There is a change in the forecasts

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When will it be warm? Even before the weekend there will be places where the temperature may reach or exceed 20 degrees. After that it will start to get colder. It may snow and rain.

According to weather forecaster tvnmeteo.pl Damian Zdonek, the weather in Poland over the next 24 hours will be shaped by a low pressure system with the center over Finland (then north-western Russia). The associated zone of an undulating, cold atmospheric front, extending from north-western Russia through Central Europe to the Iberian Peninsula, divides Europe into a clearly warmer part located south of the front line and a cooler part, covering regions north of the front line.

Warm polar sea air from the Atlantic will still flow to Poland, but on Saturday the zone of a cold atmospheric front will cover the area of ​​Poland, and with it will come cold air from the north of Europe. The influx of cool air will progress with each passing day and it is very possible that early next week the rainfall will take the form of sleet.

Friday and Saturday weathertvnmeteo.pl

Weather for Thursday and Friday

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Thursday promises to be cloudy with showers, locally clearing up. In the majority of the country, except for south-eastern Poland, there will be light rainfall up to two liters of water per square meter. Only on the coast, precipitation may be stronger, up to 5 l / sq m. They’re probably weak storms. Thermometers will indicate from 12-14 degrees Celsius in the north, through 15-17 degrees Celsius in the center, to 18-20 degrees Celsius in the south of Poland. The wind will be south-west, moderate, in the west with gusts quite strong. It will accelerate to 40-50 kilometers per hour.

Friday will bring large and complete clouds with light to moderate rainfall. These are not only expected in the south-east of the country. The maximum temperature will be from 13-14 degrees C in the north of the country to 18-20 degrees C in the south. South-west moderate wind gusts in the west and north can be quite strong (up to 40-60 km/h).

Forecast temperature for the next daysVentusky.com

Weather for the weekend

Saturday will be marked by heavy clouds with clearings and showers of 1-5 l/sq m. Only in Podkarpacie it will be cloudy with continuous rainfall of up to 10 l/sqm. The temperature will range from 11-12 degrees C in the north to 13-14 degrees C in the south and in the center. The wind will be light to moderate, south-west.

On Sunday, moderate and heavy clouds will remain with occasional rainfall of 1-5 l/sq m. On thermometers we will see from 8-10 degrees C in the north to 12-13 degrees C in the south of the country. The wind will be moderate, westerly, turning to the north-west. In the north it blows gustily.

Rain forecast for the next few days

Rain forecast for the next few daysVentusky.com

The weather for Monday

The first day of the new week promises to be cloudy with rain and sleet. On thermometers we will see from 4-5 degrees C in the north to 6-8 degrees C in the south. The wind will be moderate, north-west, in the south and east it will blow weaker from variable directions.

Weather for Sunday and Mondaytvnmeteo.pl

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