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Where is Daniel Obajtek? Morawiecki “sees him everywhere in Podkarpacie”

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I don't think Mr Obajtek would avoid being summoned to the committee. Perhaps it was delivered ineffectively. I can say that I see him everywhere in Podkarpacie. He runs a very active, very active campaign, said former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. Yesterday, the police reported that they had made several attempts to deliver the summons to appear at the visa board, but it was not delivered to various addresses.

Katarzyna Cisło, spokeswoman for the Małopolska police, said that the police were asked by the national and regional prosecutor's offices to provide Daniel Obajtek with a summons to appear at the commission of inquiry into the visa scandal. Obajtek is running for the European Parliament from the first place on the Podkarpacie list PIS.

– We made several attempts, but we did not deliver the summons because we did not find it – Cisło said on Friday. She added that the attempts were made “at various addresses in the Myślenice poviat.”

On May 28, the commission of inquiry into the visa scandal has scheduled a hearing of the former presidents of Orlen and Grupa Azoty: Daniel Obajtek and Tomasz Hinc. A day later, the former prime minister is scheduled to appear for a hearing before this committee Mateusz Morawiecki.

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Morawiecki: I see that he often appears in Podkarpacie

On Saturday, former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was asked by journalists in Łódź “where is Daniel Obajtek” and whether he was avoiding receiving a summons to the commission.

– I don't think he would avoid being summoned to the commission. Perhaps it was delivered ineffectively. (…) I can say that I see him everywhere in Podkarpacie. Every now and then, some information comes to my attention – from one commune, from another, from markets, from meetings with local government officials, from meetings with residents. Mr Daniel Obajtek runs a very active, very active campaign, said Morawiecki.

According to the former prime minister, Obajtek “is a man who also did a lot of good there in Podkarpacie.” – It was Orlen, under the leadership of Daniel Obajtek, who managed to rebuild this production and industrial potential. And for this the inhabitants of Podkarpacie, at least of that region – Jedlicze, Krosno are grateful to him, they remember it. I see that he appears very often in Podkarpacie in various places – added the former prime minister.

Szczerba: police officers across the country are trying to provide Obajtek with at least two summonses – from the commission and the prosecutor's officeTVN24

He speaks to the media, but the police haven't found him

On Friday morning Obajtek was a morning guest in the “Word for Word” program on RDN Małopolska – the radio station of the Tarnów diocese. However, he did not come to the studio, he talked to the host on the phone. During the conversation, Obajtek was asked if he was abroad and assured that he was still in Poland and running an election campaign for the European Parliament. On Wednesday, he was a guest of Telewizja Objecty – a regional television station based in Krosno. Both interviews are “materials financed by the Law and Justice Committee.”

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The chairman of the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the visa scandal, to which Obajtek is to be summoned, emphasized on Thursday in a conversation with a TVN24 reporter that the letter addressed to the former president of the company “is not an invitation, it is a summons for Daniel Obajtek with the obligation to appear.”

– The problem is that the address that Daniel Obajtek gave and gives as his place of residence is not his place of residence. There is someone else living in this house who has no contact with the owner, Daniel Obajtek, said Michał Szczerba.

– At my request, the police are looking for Daniel Obajtek at various addresses throughout the country and the hypothesis that Daniel Obajtek is simply not in Poland is increasingly confirmed – he said. In his opinion, “it is a strange situation of hiding during the election campaign, since you are number one for the European Parliament.”

According to Szczerba, the prosecutor's office is also trying to serve Obajtek with a summons for questioning.

Main photo source: Leszek Szymański/PAP

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