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Where is the storm? Storms in Poland on Sunday 30.06. Map and radar of storms. Check where the storm is

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Where is the storm? On Sunday, June 30, lightning strikes appear over a large area of ​​Poland. It is raining heavily, hailing, and the wind is picking up speed. Follow the current weather situation on tvnmeteo.pl.

On Sunday, around 11 p.m., moderate and light storms will occur in Poland.

Where is the storm

The total rainfall is 10-20 liters of water per square meter, locally up to 30 l/sq m, and the wind gusts to 50-70 kilometers per hour, locally up to 90 km/h. Hail in places.

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued warnings against storms and heat.

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Storm map and radar:

Storm safety rules:

  • Let's provide ourselves with access to media, e.g. through a portable radio (with batteries) and emergency lighting, e.g. a flashlight, candles, as well as food, water and necessary medicines;
  • Let's consider possible evacuation routes and locations. If we are in the middle of a storm or hurricane wind, let's go down to the safe room on the lowest floor of the housee.g. basements, and sit against a load-bearing wall, away from glass doors and windows;
  • Let's remove all items from balconies and terraces that may be carried away by the wind and create additional hazards;
  • Let's check the closure of windows and doors and secure them effectively against opening. Please also remember that you should not approach windows during a storm;
  • Let's not leave home or leave homeif we don’t have to (let’s postpone visits or shopping);
  • Let's turn off electric and gas appliances (valves, fuses);
  • Let's avoid using mobile phones.

Safety rules during a stormRCB

As far as possible Let's go to the nearest building as quickly as possible and wait out the storm there. If this is not possible:

  • Let's not stop or look for shelter under trees or power poles (if the line breaks, we will be electrocuted), unstable structures, e.g. shelters and all high elements, because they attract lightning;
  • Let's avoid open space. Let's use existing buildings as shelter: a bridge, viaduct, culverts or other permanent structures. If we cannot hide in this way, use depressions in the ground (ditch, deep pit);
  • Let's move away from metal objects and don't touch them;
  • Let's get out of the water immediately;
  • Let's avoid using a mobile phone. We'd best turn it off.
  • Remember about possible strong gusts while driving;
  • Let's not stop under the trees. Cars are often crushed by branches and trees fallen by the wind;
  • If we are surprised by a storm and we cannot enter a safe building, let's stay in the car.

Storm – safety rulesRCB

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