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White. He entered the lane in front of a truck traveling in the same direction and was hit. Recording

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A 53-year-old cyclist was injured in an accident that occurred in Biała (Lublin Voivodeship). He was hit after he – most likely wanting to turn left at the next intersection – entered the lane, just in front of a truck traveling in the same direction.

The incident occurred on Saturday before 3 p.m. in Biała on national road number 19. Initial police findings show that a 53-year-old resident of the Radzyń Podlaski commune, riding a bicycle, caused a collision with a truck.

“The man entered traffic from the minor road on national road No. 19, and then most likely wanted to turn left at the nearest intersection. In this way, he drove in front of the hood of a DAF truck with a tanker traveling in the same direction,” said Deputy Commissioner Piotr Mucha , press officer of the District Police Headquarters in Radzyń Podlaski.

Alcohol was found in the 53-year-old’s blood during medical examinationKPP Radzyń Podlaski

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Alcohol in the cyclist’s blood

According to the police, the truck was driven by a 55-year-old resident of the Hrubieszów district. He was sober at the time of the accident.

The cyclist suffered injuries as a result of the accident and was taken to hospital. Alcohol was found in his body during laboratory tests performed at the hospital. Blood was taken from him for testing to determine the exact alcohol content in his body, the police said.

The police appeal for safe driving

The police are investigating the circumstances of the accident and appeal for caution and safety on the road. “Before we decide to perform any maneuver on the road, let’s make sure that we can perform such a maneuver safely,” appealed Deputy Commissioner Piotr Mucha.

A cyclist caused a collision with a truckKPP Radzyń Podlaski

Main photo source: KPP Radzyń Podlaski

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