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White House after Joe Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia: we expect OPEC + countries to increase oil production

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The White House, following Joe Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia, expects the OPEC + countries to increase oil production in the coming weeks, and therefore gasoline prices will fall.

“We expect production to increase, but we’ll know more about it in the next few weeks,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said at a press conference. In this way, she answered the question about the results of President Biden’s recent trip to Saudi Arabia. According to the White House, the success of the visit can be assessed in the coming weeks.

Summit attended by Joe Biden and Middle East leaders PAP / EPA / BANDAR ALJALOUD HANDOUT

White House economic adviser Jared Bernstein attending the conference said he expected further declines unless there were unforeseen market disruptions. gasoline prices at the station to below $ 4 a gallon (3.79 liters). Prices have been dropping steadily since June, when they first exceeded $ 5. The current average price of a gallon is $ 4.52.

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According to Politico, any increase in production by OPEC + could be limited, and Saudi heir to the throne and de facto leader of the monarchy, Mohamed ibn Salman – “has sent a signal to members of the OPEC + oil consortium not to significantly increase production in the coming months.”

Human rights talks “will not stop and will not end”

The White House also referred to the criticism that Biden fell on for his visit to Saudi Arabia and “nailing the turtle” with Mohamed ibn Salman, blamed by USA for the murder of Jamal Khashojji, a Washington Post dissident and columnist.

Joe Biden met Prince Muhammad ibn Salman in JeddahPAP / EPA / BANDAR ALJALOUD HANDOUT

– If we’re talking about human rightsif we are talking about American values, it is important to have honest and direct talks with the leaders and make it very, very clear what position we are as a country, ‘said Jean-Pierre. As she recalled, Biden raised the topic of the murder of an oppositionist in an interview with the Saudis and said during the conference that he “thinks that he [Mohamed ibn Salman]” is responsible.

“This is an ongoing conversation and human rights are often discussed at the leadership level (…) It will not stop and will not end, this is something the president has committed himself to,” said Jean-Pierre.

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