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White Podlaska. A dog shot in the eye with an air rifle. The neighbor pleaded guilty

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A 56-year-old man who shot a dog with an air gun in the Biała Podlaska commune (Lubelskie Voivodeship) is facing up to eight years in prison. The animal was shot in the eye. An operation was needed. The man – according to the police – claimed that the dog entered his property and he “just wanted to scare it away”.

On Tuesday (January 17), the police received a notification that a dog had been shot. The event took place in the municipality of Biała Podlaska, while the owner of the quadruped reported that she found an injured animal near her property.

“It was only during a visit to the vet that it turned out that the dog had been shot with an air gun. The perpetrator shot the quadruped in the eye and it was necessary to perform surgery” – informs Commissioner Barbara Salczyńska-Pyrchla from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Biała Podlaska.

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The 56-year-old faces up to eight years in prison KMP Biala Podlaska

They found an air gun and pellets, as well as hunting weapons and ammunition

According to the information obtained by the officers, the 56-year-old neighbor of the victim may be involved in the case. At his residence, the police found an air gun and pellets. There were also ammunition and hunting weapons, which the man does not have a permit for. The weapon has been secured and will be sent to the crime lab for testing.

A weapon was found in the houseKMP Biala Podlaska

Police: He explained that he just wanted to scare the animal away

The 56-year-old was detained for clarification. “The man has already heard the charges and pleaded guilty. He explained his behavior by the fact that he just wanted to scare away the animal that entered his property and it was an unfortunate accident” – the policewoman reports.

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The prosecutor applied a preventive measure in the form of police supervision against the man. The court will decide his fate. He faces up to eight years in prison.

He also had ammunitionKMP Biala Podlaska

Main photo source: KMP Biala Podlaska

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