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White Podlaska. He was running from the police, abandoned the car. The 16-year-old left his phone inside

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The family court will deal with a 16-year-old boy who took the keys from a friend and went for a drive through the streets of Bielsko Biała (Lubelskie Voivodeship). The boy did not stop for police control and ran away – first by car, then on foot. According to the police, this is not the first such incident of the teenager.

The incident took place on Tuesday (April 18) around 1 am on Sidorska Street in Biała Podlaska. The police noticed the driver of the Audi, who was driving with fog lights on.

When they wanted to stop the driver for inspection, he initially slowed down and then drove off, not responding to the light and sound signals to stop. After a while, he abandoned the car and ran away, said Commissioner Barbara Salczyńska-Pyrchla, press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Biała Podlaska. The car was parked in the police parking lot.

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The police detained a 16-year-old boy who got behind the wheel of a passenger car without a license and ran away from the policeKPP Biała Podlaska

They found the driver’s phone in the abandoned car

Although the car belonged to a city resident, police determined that he had nothing to do with the incident. It turned out that a 16-year-old related to the partner of the car owner may be involved in it. Inside, they found the teenager’s phone.

The boy was arrested in the city. During an interview with police, he admitted that he was driving the car at the time of the incident. He added that he had such an opportunity, because a few months earlier, during a visit to the victim’s apartment, he took the keys.

It wasn’t his first time

According to Salczyńska-Pyrchla, the 16-year-old is not the first time he has been driving without a license. A similar situation occurred at the end of last year in Biała Podlaska. “Also at that time, the teenage driver did not stop for a roadside check,” the police officer said.

The family court will decide the fate of the 16-year-old.

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Main photo source: KPP Biała Podlaska

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