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White Podlaska. The tombstones from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries look like new. They clean them with a laser

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At the parish cemetery in Biała Podlaska (lubelskie province), the oldest tombstones are being renovated. For the first time, the laser method is used for this, which significantly speeds up the work and makes a big impression. The initiator of the restoration of the slabs is an association that has been in existence for a hundred years, which is also building a monument to Roman Kłosowski, who played the role of the famous Maliniak in “Czterdziestolatek”.

Everything looks very spectacular. A laser beam moves over a dirty surface. After a while the surface is clean.

– The device used for this weighs only about two kilograms. Inside there is a head with a properly selected lens – says Agnieszka Andryszczak, art conservator.

A laser beam moves over a dirty surface. After a while the surface is clean. Agnieszka Andryszczak

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Cleaning the tombstones using the traditional method would take up to a month and a half

Commissioned by the Koło Bialczan association, she took care of the renovation of one of the oldest tombstones in the Catholic cemetery at Janowska Street in Biała Podlaska.

– The tombstones come from the 19th and the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. This year, seven will be renovated – three standing gravestones and four lying slabs. The laser method was used in our region for the first time. It would take about a month to clean these seven tombstones using traditional methods a month and a half. It only lasted one day here.

The surface will also be protected from rain

He adds that cleaning the surface is the first stage of work.

The method is very fast Agnieszka Andryszczak

– I will carry out a number of subsequent treatments, and at the very end, hydrophobization, i.e. protecting the surface against the penetration of rainwater into it – emphasizes our interlocutor.

We managed to discover an inscription that was already invisible

He recalls that during the renovation, something interesting happens to be discovered.

– In 2019, I cleaned, using the traditional method, the tombstone of Dr. Mieczysław Skorupski, who in the 1920s ran a gynecological practice in Biała Podlaska. Apart from his first and last name, his wife, Maria Skorupska, was also mentioned on the tombstone. When I started to clean the surface, another name began to emerge – Helena Mazurówna, which had previously been completely invisible. I learned from the parish registers that she was Skorupski’s sister-in-law. I felt as if I had brought a dead person, who had already been forgotten, back to life – says Agnieszka Andryszczak.

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They have already renovated 75 tombstones

All works at the cemetery are to be completed before the first of November, when the above-mentioned Circle of Bialczan will collect money for annual collections at the cemetery.

You can see the difference right away Agnieszka Andryszczak

– So far, we have renovated 75 tombstones. However, there is still much to do. The money for those that will be renewed this year comes from collections (about PLN 41.5 thousand) and from the support from the city office (PLN 28 thousand) – says Krystyna Nowicka, president of the Bialczan Circle.

They will unveil a monument to Roman Kłosowski

The association was founded in 1922. It has branches in Lublin, Warsaw and Szczecin, where people with roots in Biała Podlaska operate. He is also involved in the construction of a monument to Roman Kłosowski from Biała Podlaska, who played the role of Maliniak in the TV series “Czterdziestolatek”.

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– The monument will be unveiled on September 29 in Biała Podlaska at Plac Wolności. I can reveal that we will see not only the figure of Roman Kłosowski, but also the sculpture of his famous helmet from “Czterdziestolatek” – smiles Nowicka.

Main photo source: Agnieszka Andryszczak

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