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“White Town” and medics’ protest in front of the Prime Minister’s office. Free medical examinations and consultations

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About a thousand free examinations and consultations were carried out on Sunday in “White Town 2.0” in Warsaw. It was hosted by over five thousand people, informed the press spokesman of the “town” Gilbert Kolbe. “There were queues, but not like in the National Health Fund. You can? You can! Thank you and come back tomorrow!” – he wrote on Twitter on Sunday evening.

“White Town 2.0” near the Chancellery of the Prime Minister was deployed on September 11, as part of a protest by healthcare workers. Its form refers to the “White Town” of nurses founded in 2007.


“Today in #bialemiasteczko we hosted over 5,000 people! We performed about 1,000 free tests and consultations! There were queues, but not like those at the National Health Fund. You can? You can! Thank you and invite you tomorrow!” – wrote on Sunday evening on Twitter the spokesman of the White Town 2.0, nurse Gilbert Kolbe.

“White Town” supported the Warsaw Marathon

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The Healthcare Protesting and Strike Committee announced on Facebook on Sunday that it supported the participants of the Warsaw Marathon. “Marathon runners support us, and we support them! In White Town 2.0 We have a water point! We fight for patients!” – it was written. It was also reported that its participants prepare different activities every day. “Today you can, among other things, stick your accusations to the health care system on a rocket and describe your history related to OZ as part of the #kartkadlasystemu campaign!” – we read in the post on Facebook.

They wrote to the deputy minister of health

The activity of “White Town” was suspended after a tragic event in the “town” ended in the death of a man. It happened a week ago on Saturday.

On Friday, medics announced the resumption of the activities of the “white town”. “White Town 2.0 returns to its original activity! We invite you to preventive examinations and consultations with medical staff!” – then wrote the National Protesting and Strike Committee of Healthcare Workers on his official Twitter profile.

On Friday, the protesters sent a letter to Deputy Minister of Health, Piotr Bromber. Once again, they call for proposals and specific provisions that may be part of the agreement.

On behalf of the committee, the letter was signed by the chairman of the National Trade Union of Nurses and Midwives, Krystyna Ptok, and the vice-president of the Supreme Medical Council, Artur Drobniak.

They met on Thursday, they will meet on Tuesday

The last meeting of the representatives of the Ministry of Health and the Protest and Strike Committee of Healthcare Workers was held on Thursday at the “Dialog” Social Partnership Center in Warsaw.

Representatives of the protesting medics did not hide their disappointment with the course of the meeting. They pointed out that there were still no specific proposals from the government. They also said that the ministry was stalling and that talks were being delayed.

In turn, Deputy Minister of Health Piotr Bromber informed that during the meeting the government party presented the time perspective for the years 2022-2027. – We have agreed that these topics will be continued within the framework of working contacts and we have set the next dates of the meetings – informed the deputy minister. When asked about the date of the next meeting, he said that it was 11am on Tuesday.

Healthcare professionals talk about their earningsTVN24

The National Protest and Strike Committee of Healthcare Workers presented eight demands. They include, among others, increases, real increase in the valuation of benefits, lump sums and the so-called ambulances, as well as the employment of additional administrative and support staff and the introduction of employment standards related to the number of patients. The Committee also calls for ensuring medical professionals the status of a public official and creating a system of protecting employees against verbal and physical aggression by patients; the introduction of sick leave after 15 years of professional work, as well as the enactment of laws on laboratory medicine and the profession of a paramedic.

According to the Ministry of Health, the total implementation of the wage postulates of the protesting medics is unsustainable in next year’s budget and declares that it wants to talk about salaries and the path of their growth.

On Tuesday, an agreement with the Minister of Health was concluded by the Protest Committee of Medical Rescuers and the Association of Medical Rescue Employers SP ZOZ.

Main photo source: Facebook Healthcare Protest and Strike Committee

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