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Who Are The Bookies Favourites For The 2020 Presidential Election

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As the presidential campaign rages on, traffic to betting websites has soared with more and more people feeling confident they can predict the outcome. As if it wasn’t strange enough having Donald Trump as president, Kanye West has now thrown his name in the hat for the election, albeit with a mixed response. But who do the odds favour? This post goes through three front runners for the presidency and what the bookies and bettors are saying about them.

Joe Biden

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Biden has been around the block, having served as the 47th Vice-president of the United States throughout Barack Obama’s time in office. The American public may feel as though it’s time to take a step back and return to a safe pair of hands with a proven track record of public service, which Joe Biden could definitely offer.

Given that he has now been crowned the Democratic nominee, he could pose a serious threat to Trump’s second term. He is the favourite for many betting companies, though the margin is thin and wavering. At the very least, Trump is concerned about Biden’s competition as he is currently attacking the mail-in voting service in order to hurt Biden’s chances and supporters – but if the odds are anything to go by, it may not be enough.

Donald Trump

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Trump has been no stranger to controversy during his time in office. It almost feels like yesterday when the rest of the world watched him win, thinking it was some kind of dream. Since then, he has shrugged and barked his way through his first term, attacking journalists and batting off questions and challenges as ‘fake news’.

In spite of the frequent rants and ever-present scandals, Trump reelection odds have not dropped to a point where a second term isn’t within reach. Still, increasing numbers of Americans are expressing doubt over Trump’s handling of a number of recent crises and that seems to explain why the odds don’t reckon he’ll walk into another four years in office.

Hilary Clinton

When it comes to the 2020 presidential election, it really is a two-horse race. Clinton was not nominated as the democratic candidate, with Biden being preferred. Even if she had, you have to concede that if she couldn’t beat Trump the first time around, she probably wouldn’t be able to this time. That being said, odds on Clinton becoming president are still available on betting exchanges, so the option is there should you choose to take it. One thing’s for sure, if she were to win, whoever bets on her would win big!

As the campaigns continue, the odds will no doubt change. If you are interested in politics and want to try your luck at predicting the next US president, keep up with the latest polls and the bookies. If you see odds you like the look of, remember to gamble responsibly and only bet what you are happy to lose. After all, it would certainly sting to lose a lot of money because of Donald Trump.

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