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WHO. Every two minutes, a woman dies in the world during pregnancy or childbirth

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According to estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO), sub-Saharan African countries are the most likely to die, with 545 maternal deaths per 100,000. children born. In Poland, there are on average two maternal deaths for the same number of births.

Thursday February 23 World Health ORganisation presented new data on perinatal maternal mortality. They show that in 2020, about 800 women died every day due to complications related to pregnancy or childbirth, i.e. on average, one woman died every two minutes in the world. In total, according to estimates, about 287,000 women died due to pregnancy complications. women. This is more than a third less than in 2000, when there were about 446,000. maternal deaths.

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Huge disparities in perinatal care around the world

WHO data show huge disproportions between different regions of the world – most often deaths related to pregnancy occur in the poorest countries and those affected by armed conflict. The highest mortality in 2020 was observed in Sub-Saharan Africa – 545 maternal deaths per 100,000. children born (a total of 202,000 deaths), which translates into the fact that 7 out of 10 of all pregnancy-related deaths in the world occur in this region. For comparison, in Europe and North America in 2020 per 100,000. births accounted for 13 maternal deaths (1,400 in total). In Poland, there were 2 maternal deaths per 100,000. births (7 deaths in total).

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WHO experts emphasize that today’s medical knowledge and technological possibilities allow to avoid the vast majority of cases of death of pregnant women, but they are not always available to wide social groups. Therefore, maternal deaths occur more frequently when women do not have access to good quality medical care, especially near the end of pregnancy. – Maternal mortality is a key indicator to assess how the health care system is functioning. An investment in women is an investment in the future of societies and countries, stressed Dr Lale Say of the WHO. – No woman should die in childbirth. I believe it is human rightthat should apply in every country and that every government should strive to ensure, added Dr. Anshu Banerjee.

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