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Who is General Jarosław Stróżyk, who will head the commission to investigate the influence of Russia and Belarus in Poland?

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General Jarosław Stróżyk will head the commission for investigating Russian and Belarusian influence. He is a former deputy director of the NATO Intelligence Directorate and former defense attaché in the United States, and currently head of the Military Counterintelligence Service. With his words, he has often given strong support for Ukraine's membership in the Alliance and signaled the need to shift the European economy towards the production of ammunition and military equipment.

The current head of the Military Counterintelligence Service, General Jarosław Stróżyk, will be the chairman of the commission for examining Russian and Belarusian influence on the internal security and interests of the Republic of Poland in the years 2004-2024.

– During his extensive career, he was a diplomat, of course a military officer, military commander, deputy head of NATO intelligence, as well as a scientist, doctor of security sciences. He is a very competent person and his task will be to coordinate the commission, the Prime Minister said on Tuesday Donald Tuskannouncing the decision to appoint him as chairman.

Who is General Jarosław Stróżyk

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Stróżyk was born in 1969. He is a graduate of the Higher Officers' School of Mechanized Forces and the Higher School of Humanities. He also completed postgraduate studies in European integration at the National Defense University and an advanced course for mechanized officers at the Army Training Center at Fort Benning in the United States.

Jarosław StróżykDarek Delmanowicz/PAP

He was called up for active military service in 1987. He served in the Military Information Services and the Military Intelligence Service. During his career, he also held the position of deputy head of the International Intelligence Directorate of the Military Staff at NATO Headquarters. Later, from 2013 to 2016, he was defense attaché in the United States.

In 2019, he obtained a PhD in security sciences. He became involved with the Stratpoints Foundation and became its vice president.

For several months he held the position of acting head of the Military Counterintelligence Service, and this year he was officially appointed.

The Military Counterintelligence Service is a special service whose task is to protect against internal threats to the state's defense, security and combat capabilities of the Armed Forces and other organizational units subordinated to or supervised by the Minister of National Defense.

He signaled the need for armament and supported Ukraine in NATO

General Stróżyk has often commented on the security situation in Poland or in the media war in Ukraine. More than a year ago, he pointed out how important it is on TVN24 the West preparing for long-term actions. In this context, he mentioned the production of ammunition, equipment and weapons, and the construction of factories.

He also spoke in favor of Ukraine joining NATO and claimed that the country's armed forces were prepared for membership in the Alliance, but – as he pointed out – there were still political issues.

Main photo source: Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

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