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Who is Monika Wielichowska? The MP is to become a deputy speaker of the Sejm

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During the last election campaign, she became Donald Tusk’s “right hand”. He has extensive parliamentary experience, but also managerial supervision over one of the most rebellious bands on the Polish rock scene. Who is Monika Wielichowska, who became the deputy speaker of the Sejm?

In the finale of the election campaign, on October 4, she celebrated her birthday. She celebrated half a century at work – on the campaign bus and on stage, next to the chairman Donald Tusk. The boss then showed on social media the surprise party he had prepared for his close colleague. One month after elections Monika Wielichowska has another reason to celebrate – Tusk recommended her for the position of deputy speaker of the Sejm. He announced this during Monday’s meeting of the National Council of the Civic Platform. On the same day in the evening, the new deputy marshal was elected by the parliamentary majority.

During the recently concluded campaign, Wielichowska earned the title of “Tusk’s right hand.” She traveled with him around Poland, organized his rallies, conducted meetings with voters, and viewers probably remember very well how she passed the microphone to people who wanted to speak. “Newsweek” noticed that Monika Wielichowska is one of the people whom the chairman of KO listens to.

Donald Tusk and Monika WielichowskaTomasz Golla/PAP

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Monika Wielichowska – who is she?

Wielichowska, who comes from Nowa Ruda in Lower Silesia, has a degree in journalism and economics. She has been an MP continuously since 2007. She joined the Civic Platform five years earlier. Before she sat on the parliamentary benches, she was, among others, councilor of the Kłodzko district. She dealt with, among others, road infrastructure and safety. In 2006-2007 she was the starosta of Kłodzko.

Wielichowska obtained her parliamentary seat by running in the elections from the Wałbrzych constituency. She was elected to the Sejm in four consecutive votes: in 2011, 2015, 2019 and 2023. In the last elections, the 50-year-old ran as number one on the list of the Civic Coalition in Wałbrzych. She received over 52,000 votes. In a post-election interview with “Gazeta Wyborcza”, Wielichowska expressed her gratitude for such high support. “The number of votes cast for me exceeded my wildest expectations. But today it is secondary and I approach the result with humility. I want to focus on work, repairing the broken country, because that is what voters expect from me. It must also be said clearly: the biggest winners of these elections are there are Polish women and Poles and a huge turnout,” said the MP in an interview she shared on her website.

Wielichowska and the Big Cyc band

Before starting her parliamentary career, Wielichowska was also active in the music industry. She dealt with, among others, cooperation with the Big Cyc team. And he probably remembers that time well – on Instagram we can find photos together with the band members.

On her profile, Monika Wielichowska reveals more details about her private life. The MP admits that she is learning photography. In addition to official photos, there are many more private illustrations – with family, from trips to the mountains, and finally from walks with my beloved Akita dog. We will also find souvenirs of less official meetings – such as with the American star Richard Gere, who visited the Polish Sejm in 2019. The MP said in his description that she talked to the actor, among others: about his films – “Pretty Woman” and “My Friend Hachiko”. “It turned out that I cried through 2/3 of the film, and Richard (cryed – ed.) 2/3 of reading the script,” we read next to the photo.

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Main photo source: Tomasz Golla/PAP

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