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WHO is sounding the alarm. Counterfeit batches of Ozempic detected

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The World Health Organization (WHO) warns against counterfeit batches of the popular diabetes drug – Ozempic. They have been detected in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the United States and Brazil. According to WHO, their use may lead to ineffective treatment or side effects.

WHO has issued an alert over three counterfeit batches of Ozempic, a drug used by diabetics to reduce blood sugar levels. Counterfeit products detected in Great Britain Ireland Northern, United States and Brazil. They entered the market through a “regulated supply chain”. Novo Nordisk, the manufacturer of Ozempic, confirmed that it is not responsible for their production.

WHO warns against drug batches with numbers LP6F832 and MP5E511 and drugs with batch number NAR0074 and serial number 430834149057. In a comment sent to tvn24.pl, the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspectorate (GIF) said that some of them “were on the market in Poland”. We are talking about drugs from the MP5E511 series with an expiration date until July 2025, marked with the serial number 1946483405690. They were detected at the beginning of November last year. GIF then decided to “withdraw them from trading throughout the country” and published a warning about them.

Counterfeit batches of Ozempic detected. WHO is sounding the alarm

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According to information provided to tvn24.pl, in November last year, in connection with the warning received from the German authorities, the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspectorate also decided to “ban the placing on the market in Poland” of Ozempic drugs marked with batch number NP5G866 and serial number 1946483405690 valid until July 2025 year and batch number NP5G866 and serial number 1031002838555 valid until December 2025. The other two batches that WHO warns against, i.e. LP6F832 and NAR0074, have not been found on the Polish market. Due to this, “no additional action was necessary.”

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Ozempic is administered subcutaneously illustrative photo Shutterstock

If counterfeit medicines are detected, WHO recommends stopping their use. Their use may lead to ineffective treatment. These products may contain inappropriate doses of the active substance. I may also be contaminated with unknown, potentially harmful substances. Due to this and the fact that Ozempic is administered subcutaneously, fake batches may pose a serious risk to health and life – warns WHO.

Healthcare workers should report any suspected detection of counterfeit medicines to national authorities, the organization adds. It also suggests contacting authorities if you notice unusual side effects or a drug is ineffective. WHO advises patients to check the batch and serial numbers of their medicines to make sure their labels are attached correctly and are free from errors. The presence of counterfeit Ozempic may also be indicated by the non-standard appearance of the injection pens – informs World Health ORganisation.

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