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WHO warns that cancer rates are at risk of almost doubling. You have to get tested

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The World Health Organization predicts a huge increase in cancer rates. One in five of us may already suffer from cancer, and it will get even worse. That’s why doctors encourage people to get tested and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Mrs. Emilia Wojdyga is fighting against metastases. The news that he had colon cancer – as he says – came like a bolt from the blue. – Four years ago it all started – the first colon disease. I was only 40 years old, says Emilia.

Cancer attacks younger and younger people and, unfortunately, more and more often. It’s bad and it’s going to get worse. In 2022, the World Health Organization recorded 20 million new cancer cases worldwide, and around 2050, 35 million will be recorded each year. This is an increase of as much as 77 percent. One in five of us may now fall ill. This catastrophe is not explained only by the increasing number of people on the planet.

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– I am terrified by these data, because more and more people will require oncological care, and more and more people will also require palliative and hospice care – admits Dr. Hab. Andrzej Nowakowski, oncologist at the Department of Cancer Prevention of the National Institute of Oncology in Warsaw.

– 35 million – the same number of people who live practically in Poland will suffer from cancer each year around the world. We already have over 170,000 cases of disease in Poland and cancer will be the first cause of death – says Prof. Rafał Stec, oncologist, head of the Oncology Clinic of the Medical University of Warsaw.

Szczylik: the incidence of cancer is measured with the knowledge that the annual increase is about two or three percentTVN24

Doctors encourage prevention

WHO estimates show that it will be worst in less developed countries in Asia and Africa, where the number of deaths from cancer will double during this time. In more developed countries, the number of deaths will not double, but will also increase. Prof. Mariusz Bidziński, national consultant in the field of gynecological oncology, emphasizes that it is possible to fight mortality from preventive-related cancers.

We cannot stop breathing polluted air, but we can start getting checked regularly and lead a healthy lifestyle. Oncologists’ advice is well-known: let’s give up obesity and cigarettes, including electronic ones, and less often reach for sweets, processed food, alcohol and energy drinks.

– There is a very high consumption of energy drinks, and there are various substances that will cause cancer. We already know that this generation that is entering adulthood will live shorter than its parents – informs prof. Rafał Stec.

So a lot depends on us and how much we care about our own fate.

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