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Who will young voters vote for? Dominika Lasota: we can give ourselves a chance for something better in the elections

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For the time being, people like me will go to the polls in spite of it, because we do not want even greater evil, said climate activist Dominika Lasota in “One for One” on TVN24. As she said, she is “frustrated and angry that the whole campaign looks so mediocre”. – He has no interesting idea, not even an idea, but such courage – she added.

This year, the climate activist from the East Initiative will have a chance to vote in the parliamentary elections for the first time. – Against all odds and no matter what the final end of the election campaign looks like, I am definitely going to vote with my friends, friends, all my friends with whom I can – she said on Tuesday in “One for One”.

“We will vote for the democratic opposition,” she added. When asked if there was a chance that the “grandfather” would end after the election, she replied: “I would like to, but for now I think this picture looks bad.”

When asked if she had anyone to vote for, she said that “you will have to vote for someone.” “So far I am terribly frustrated and angry that the whole campaign looks so mediocre. There is no interesting idea, not even an idea, but such courage – said Lasota.

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– The fact that in 2023, after the great actions, the great revolution that women would make in the context of, for example, women’s strikes, the fact that we went out on the street for months non-stop, no party dared to put a woman as a candidate for the premiership, even the Left, who says she bets on women, for me it is a huge shame – she said.

– I’m not surprised that Confederation this is such a dark horse of these elections and that support for them is growing, because young girls like me do not see themselves in these elections totally – she added.

Lasota: We don’t want fascist rule with PiS, because that’s absurd

The activist was asked how she would convince a young man, a man who says he is not going to vote because no one has an offer for him.

I’d agree with him in the first place. I would say “I understand you”. I also feel that so far no one takes me seriously – she said.

– I’m going in spite. For now, people like me will go against the grain, because we don’t want even greater evil, we don’t want fascist rule with PiSbecause it is absurd, she added.

“I think we can give ourselves a better chance in the election,” she said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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