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Who writes the questions for “Millionaires”? Hubert Urbański reveals the secrets of production

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Although the game show “Millionaires” has been broadcast on TVN for over 24 years, the behind-the-scenes of its production are a closely guarded secret. Does the host know the answers in advance and manipulate the participants? How many friends are there that a player can call for a tip? And finally, the most important thing: who writes the questions? Here are the answers.

Casting for the next edition is underway “Millionaires”which will be broadcast on TVN in spring. A new lifeline will appear on the game show. In addition to calling a friend, half-and-half and asking a question to the audience, participants will be able to swap questions. The new wheel will be available after reaching the ceiling of PLN 40,000. In some foreign editions of “Millionaires”, the participant can use another circle: ask the host. Will this option also appear here? According to Hubert Urbański, this will never happen in the Polish version. – In my opinion, the most wonderful formula of this program is that I will never sit on the other side and I will never have to publicly verify my knowledge. This is, seriously speaking, a great comfort. But it’s a nice lifeline, I’ve seen it in several versions of “Millionaires” – says the host in an interview for cozatydzien.tvn.pl.

“Millionaires” – production secrets

In the new episode “Production Secrets” on cozatydzien.tvn.pl Urbański assured that he does not see in advance the questions that the player sitting in front of him hears. – The conspiracy theory that is repeated over and over again is that I know all the answers and that I have everything marked on the monitor, which means that the player playing with me is thinking about the question and I know which of the answers is correct. Some people think that when a player wants to mark the correct answer, I do everything I can to make sure he doesn’t mark it, he says. He also revealed another secret of the program. Where are the actual people a participant can call on a phone-to-friend basis? – Many years ago, it was possible to name five people to call. And during the game, the player chose from these five the one that best suited the question. We called home, asking everyone not to block the line if possible. It was quite complicated. And then came the era of computers, and it was very common for someone to say during a call that they would think about it for a moment, while tapping on the keyboard could be heard in the background. And for some time now, a competitor has been able to choose one accompanying person with whom he comes to the studio. When the game starts, she is sitting in the production room with a simple telephone, accompanied by a person from production. She simply answers the phone and we have her under control, there is no need to search on the Internet – says Urbański.

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Who writes the questions for “Millionaires”?

Fans of the game show are most interested in who arranges the questions and who decides their order. – This is our biggest secret that we guard – says Piotr Dziwulski, director of the “Millionaires” set, in an interview with cozatydzien.tvn.pl. However, he reveals that it is one person. – We have a special room, hidden somewhere between the production rooms, which no one can enter. Only one person enters there and brings questions. This is the person who is also responsible for composing these questions. A disk of questions is brought with security, and no one can enter this room except this person and the other person who operates the computer system. No one from the team can go in there. Nobody even tries. We know that this would be a violation of our production rules – he assures.

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